You will need
  • dispensary map;
  • the results of x-ray examination;
  • -blood tests.
It is important to know that osteoarthritis is a chronic joint disease that progresses smoothly. If the pathological change of the tissues has gone too far, it leads to complete immobility of the diseased joint. Note that during exacerbation of the disease, in addition to aching pain and characteristic crunch in the affected joint, will be swollen, gives a person great inconvenience. It is very important during this period – not to engage in self-diagnosis and self-treatment! Only a doctor can prescribe the necessary examination and to choose the optimal method of treatment.
Remember that in the fight against the exacerbation of the process the most effective is medication. It includes several groups of drugs, which relieve the patient from the painful symptoms. The most popular of these non – steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs ("Voltaren", "Decanat", "Ortofen" and "Naklofen"). These agents possess powerful analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effects, which greatly facilitates the patient's condition. In severe cases anti-inflammatory and hormonal drugs are given by injection directly into the area of inflammation.
Please note that a large value has a parallel use of drugs - chondroprotectors ("Chondroitin", "symptoms"). They effectively stimulate cartilage regeneration, thereby restoring movement and prevent degeneration of the joint.
Do not let the progression of the disease to chance! In advanced forms of arthritis joint becomes insolvent for support and movement. Conservative treatment is usually ineffective. In such cases, surgical intervention, including joint replacement.
Do not forget about the power saving mode loads on damaged joints, to prevent their mechanical damage. It includes metered-dose schedule of physical activity, special fixing bandage and individual orthopedic insoles.
When improve take the time chiropractic and physical therapy, this will prevent or significantly slow down the destruction of cartilage. It is very important for osteoarthritis is to maintain joint mobility and muscle elasticity, which is achieved when using medical methods of special gymnastics and massage.