Good men's underwear should be different characteristics such as comfort and wearability, resistance to wear and sexy. Exactly thanks to these qualities the well-known brands and has won worldwide customers.

Popular brands of men's underwear

The brand Calvin Klein is the market leader in men's underwear in the world. This brand dictates fashion for men of all ages since its founding in 1982. Classic monochrome colors to complement a perfect comfortable fit. Undoubtedly, briefs from Calvin Klein – a worthy gift for a guy and men.
Trends 2014 will be men's boy shorts and boxers. Fashion low-key colors: blue, gray, dark red and green.

The German company Bruno Banani creates underwear for men who can not imagine their life without extreme. In the hot desert, high mountains, on the seabed and in space pants of this brand allowed the men to feel comfortable and easy.

In 2014, the Turkish Marche Doreanse is 15 years old. During this time, the brand has developed its main principles: convenience, casual and seductive sexuality of the classics. Natural fabrics and modern manufacturing techniques lead to wide popularity of the products.

Briefs HOM represent the luxury segment of men's underwear. High quality materials and unique manufacturing technology makes the brand loved by millions of fans around the world.

Lingerie for young hot

Shorts from Frankie Morello differ extravagant design and bold solutions. The brand creates their products for a bold and bright personalities. Combining incongruous, designers Maurizio Modica and Pierfrancesco Gigliotti gaining the trust of the bullies and macho, hipsters and thrill-seekers, and everyone who feels young and full of energy.
Youth classics popularitywith brand Emporio Armanicreated by a fashion legend Giorgio Armani. Thanks to the Italian character and classical design, the number of regular clients – the soccer star David Beckham.

Brand Gigo is the best embodies the hot explosive nature of Colombia. Designer Javier Ortega in their models plays with color, texture and pattern. Lower fashionable men's underwear is comfortable and convenient to wear.

Underwear Croota is the best way for a guy to feel on the crest of a wave of fashion and always be in trend. Bright creative underwear models from Australia allow their owners to enjoy the best moments of youth.