Make a girl dumped you. Be obsessive, suspicious, or too jealous. Not keep up the conversation, for the girl become boring and passive. Spend time with your partner monotonous. In General, show your worst quality or even a little play a bad guy, unworthy of a girl like yours. This method does not always work. If a woman really loves you or accepts the difficulties on the love front as a personal challenge, your fiancee will try to re-educate you or just put up with this guy next.
Pretend to leave to another city. It is also not the most honest method to separation, but if you're afraid of the reaction of the girls and can predict with a high degree of probability that she will be very upset and would make a big scandal, he is good at. Compose the story of the translation at work or a distant relative, who in the moment needs your help. It is better to choose a city far away. Keep in mind that such a solution is suitable only when your relationship with the girl are not very serious stage. If you already live together, the partner may want to follow you wherever you go.
Talk to the girl straight. Explain to her in a soft, relaxed conversation that your love is gone. Try not to hurt the feelings of your partner and not hurt her self-esteem. Should not find excuses for your steps to the gap in any deficiencies of your girl or in her past. This will only ensure that the woman will be around to blame yourself or hold on offense. If you want to leave peacefully as possible, choose expressions. Explain what your interests, characters and plans for the future are too different. Sincerely thank the girl for the time that you spent together.
In exceptional cases it is better to just disappear from the lives of girls and explains nothing. If your partner behaves inappropriately and you see that a peaceful separation will not work, possibly better than the gap from the field of view of the girl. When one of the pair becomes manic dependence on the other partner, it can be very depressing. If this is your case and you don't know how else to get rid of a girl, make sure that you're not seen. Don't answer her calls and messages in social networks. Does not remind me about yourself. If your relationship did not have time to go far, and soon this woman will turn his attention to another object.