Use of a conventional welding apparatus. The advantages of this method is that it is simple and easy. You need to get complex designs or to buy anything extra. All you have to do is to set the desired temperature and to melt the metal under direct fire stream. If desired, and opportunities can be and using the heat capacity.
Prepare a form in which to fill metal. Don't forget that the melting point of form, which is filling, should have a greater melting point than gold.
How to melt <strong>gold</strong>
Watch your temperature, don't let the gold to boil. If possible, buy a protective suit or at least a mask. Such an operation at home can't be guaranteed safe. No one will give you a guarantee on the purity of the metal you melt, and no one can guarantee that everything will go "smoothly".
Construct the burner, if there are no other devices that could replace her. Tell the shop what you need materials to help you choose the right heating and protective items personally to your design. If the procedure you are about to undertake, the unit, and the unit you no longer need, you can sell in the future, the resulting aggregate to the Internet or to give to friends.
Check on the performance of your burner. Not worth without a pre-test to use the device, and make sure that except you no one is in contact with the apparatus. First of all, think about the safety of yourself and your loved ones.
How to melt <strong>gold</strong>