You will need
  • foam for hair;
  • nail for fixing;
  • - thin curler;
  • - rubber bands for hair;
  • - comb.
Small neat curls – an amazing way to give the image of playfulness and to emphasize the playful nature of the girl. With slightly disheveled hair helps visually correct oval of the face, adopting the attention from the heavy jaws or overly round cheeks. Holders of an oval shaped face with small curls can highlight the slim, aristocratic appearance, contrasting with the unruly curls.
To portray the head of the African hair can home without resorting to expensive professional help, and a large number of styling products. The most economical way to create small curls, tight braids, braided for the night. Wash and slightly dry your hair with a towel. Separate the hair into thin strands and braid his hair blond in their tight braids. Try to doblesti braid to the tips of the hair so that they are not hanging sloppy straight strands of curls. The tip of each braid fastened with a thin silicone rubber band, missing the tips of all for it. So your hair will remain curly evenly along the entire length, and the soft material of the headband will not leave creases on them. If your hair keep a good shape, use foam for stacking is not necessary.
To give the hair volume and curly for a few hours will help to thin the nail rod. To create a natural, relaxed "springs" need of bobbins of different sizes, very thin and medium thickness. Apply to hair styling and comb them. Starting from the top, separate a thin strand and twist on their rollers so that the stick was perpendicular to the head. Lock bobbin elastic or lace. Curling the hair on the top, go to the side of the head, and then to the back of his head. Leave the perms for 2-4 hours, then remove the rollers and spray the hair lacquer.