Stains from grease vinyl Wallpaper is simplest to fight. Their texture will not allow contamination to penetrate deeply and, in most cases, it is enough just wipe with a damp cloth. Remember that the spot you need to handle from the edges to the center, not to leave unnecessary divorces from water. If the stain is on vinyl Wallpaper more deep, replace the cloth with a stiff brush.
To remove grease stains from Wallpaper of any texture, you can use a piece of bread. To do this, from regular white bread roll into a small ball, with a diameter of 5-7 cm pripechatat it Carefully to spot them and wipe the pollution, moving from top to bottom. As necessary pieces already absorbed fat bread tsepinite. The procedure is repeated until the full cleaning of surface.
Thermal method of removing oily stains from the Wallpaper. For this, you will need: toilet paper, iron. Iron a little warm. A small piece of toilet paper tear off and attach to the site of contamination. Iron the paper several times with iron. Now you can observe traces of fat. The procedure is repeated until, until all the fat with Wallpaper will not absorb the paper. Remember: if the iron to heat up too much, the Wallpaper may begin to move as the glue that they hold, lose their function.
Difficult stains out of Wallpaper can be removed with the help of gasoline. For this you will need: 1 tablespoon tooth powder (starch), ½ teaspoon of gasoline. Mix these ingredients and apply on the contaminated area. Leave the mixture for 2-3 hours, until the gasoline to evaporate completely. Then a hard brush to clean the stain, moving from the edge to the center. If this method doesn't work, try treating the contaminated area with a cotton swab dipped in gasoline. This method is used in extreme situations, as often after such a procedure the Wallpaper losing its brightness and color.