In hot weather the body tends to dehydrate much faster. As a result, your water intake should increase. A great solution to quench your thirst may be the brew. Question about the useful properties of kvass for pregnant requires a detailed review to dispel all the myths about this drink.

Dangerous brew for the health of a pregnant woman?

There is an opinion that due to the alcohol content of the brew can harm both the mother and the normal development of the baby. This is not so. The alcohol content in kvass is so minimal that does not affect the state of the body. On the contrary, their beneficial qualities and active minerals, this drink will quench your thirst and will satisfy the woman's body with vitamins.

However, certain dyes that are contained in the purchase kvass, can be not only useful but also harmful. Therefore, during pregnancy should give up the brew from the store and give preference to brew homemade. For example, home brew will enrich the body with vitamin b, which strengthens the nervous system of future mother. Also different contained in fresh drink amino acids will positively affect the gastrointestinal tract and lead to normal digestive processes.

Is it possible to gain weight eating brew?

To avoid the use of poor quality drink, drink it only at home or buy in checked shops. If you do brew at home, you have to add yeast, that first sight is the basis for a risk to gain weight. This drink, like beer, really helps to improve appetite, but also a good remedy for constipation and contains low calories. So you're unlikely to gain weight if you drink the brew in moderation.

When to drink kvass dangerous?

Those who initially have problems with gestation or incontinence, is to abandon the idea of drinking the brew. If you have an intolerance to one of the components of this drink, you must need to consult with your doctor. In all other respects no sharp no contraindications.

The brew is very easy to prepare at home. There are lots of exceptional recipes in cookbooks and online. In the shop you can buy all the right components of high quality and to be confident in the usefulness of drinking. Drink kvass for health and enjoy its cooling effect.