Traditional methods of treatment

Sore throat is accompanied by almost 80% of cases, chronic and acute respiratory diseases. People are starting to try to clean it with a hot drink, inhalation, rinse, irrigation and other procedures aimed at pain relief. However, sore throat can be caused due to a flu but sore throat, sore throat, allergies, and ENT diseases, so when it appears advisable to consult a doctor.

Antibiotics only after examination of the patient, taking into account all the peculiarities of his body.

From traditional methods of sore throat treatment is usually used antiseptic sprays and solutions for rinsing (" - ", "Dioxidine", "Octenisept"). Be sure to carry out anti-edema therapy with the use of such drugs of the last generation as "Alfas", "claritin" or "Needs" that will reduce swelling from the mucous membrane of the walls of the pharynx. To anesthetize the throat will help, "Nurofen", "Betanal", "Ketarol" or "caution", and to soften the inflamed tissue by using gargling with 3% hydrogen peroxide, which is then to wash off warm boiled water.

Unconventional therapies

Well helps with sore throat and homeopathy – so, the excellent effect ultrasonic and steam inhalations with herbs and extracts of propolis, camomile, sage, succession. In addition, you can use the drugs "Tonsilgon" and "Tonsilotren". For getting rid of the constant pain in the throat is often used immune therapy, which stimulates the immune system of the mucous membrane of the pharynx. Well-established is the drug "Imudon" treatment which is at least ten days.

Assign immunostimulatory drugs can only immunologist after studying immunogram of patient's blood.

Traditional medicine for sore throat recommends rinsing wine or Apple cider vinegar that must be diluted in the proportions: two teaspoons of money on 100 milligrams of warm boiled water. Such a solution is necessary to rinse a sore throat at least two or three times a day. Also in the period of the disease need to follow a strict diet, completely eliminating from the diet irritating spicy, sour, fried, spicy and salty foods. The same applies to hard and rigid products, which can injure or disturb the diseased tissue of the throat. Similarly, it is necessary to abandon very cold and hot food and any alcoholic drinks.