Foreign authors

First of all, you should consult a recognized authority, whose works have stood the test of time. Will the top of the list, the founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. Of course, some of his theories may seem controversial, but we must not forget what a huge influence they have had on the development of psychology, but also on the spiritual life of society as a whole.

One of the most popular authors of the psychological literature – Dale Carnegie. He is considered the founder of the theory of conflict-free communication. However, in our country, his books, despite the huge popularity, is often criticized. Many psychologists believe that the Soviets Carnegie is much more applicable to Western than Russian society.

Has become widely popular, and books by Eric Berne, "Games people play" and "People who play games" in which the author explores the psychology of human relationships.

Among the authors of books on relations between men and women, you can select Barbara De Angeles, John gray and Steve Harvey.

Russian authors

One of the most recognized Russian authors is Vladimir Levi. His book "the Art of being yourself", "the Art of being different", "family war", "Custom baby" is dedicated to various aspects of popular psychology. They are given tips on how to gain confidence, overcome their laziness, to establish family relationships, raise children...

Of great interest are the works of Mikhail Litvak ("If you want to be happy", "the Principle of Aikido, "to Command or to obey, etc.). As close to real life, they help to find a way out of the most difficult situations.

One of the most prominent authors of books on practical psychology and business success – Nikolai Kozlov. His work "How to treat yourself and others," Philosophical tales", "Formula of personality", "leadership Strategies" are of interest for both experienced businessmen and people looking for their place in life.

In recent years a considerable interest of readers cause the book Alexander Danilin, created on the basis of its author's radio program "Silver threads". Particularly attracted to his ability to find answers to complex questions of human psychology in the works of classical literature.

Of course, the list of the best authors of psychological books can always be supplemented. The main thing – that their work really helped people to find their place in life.