As len quite strongly wrinkled, wearing outfits from it carefully. Before each release, they should be carefully ironed with steam. Both will be able to get rid of even the small wrinkles. In addition, it is recommended to give preference to products made of crisp linen. They better keep their shape and practically do not crumple.
Straight white linen pants – the most versatile. They go most of the fair sex. In addition, they clearly appeal to lovers of the classics – model arrow feel free to wear in the office or on a walk with friends. They are perfectly combined with white shirts, strict jackets beige, plain or colored tops.
Overall, white is a universal color, so will look good with blue, green, pink, bright orange, brown, beige. There is no need to pick things from the same cloth. On the contrary, it is possible to play on contrast and to prefer outfits of silk, cotton or chiffon.
At the forefront of fashion this season are skinny white pants made of linen. However, wear them only recommended long-legged slender girls. But linen pants are cut well hide some figure flaws and fit full ladies.
Best image from white linen pants complement the sandals with high heels or wedges. Will fit some models of shoes with open toe, flip flops or ballet flats, although the last two options are considered to be controversial.
If you want to create an image in a nautical style, then pick up his pants dark blue, or red jacket, striped top, different accessories with anchors, ships, seashells or seahorses. A winner will look like a silk scarf to match the outfit.
To create an elegant image, it is recommended for white linen pants match the top in the same color and complete the ensemble with gold accessories.