Whom to pray

Mostly, people turn in their prayers to God, but there are saints who can help to find a job and stay on it. So, you could pray to the icon of the mother of God icon "Quick to hearken" icon, the Nine Holy martyrs of Kyzikos. Help with job search, the Apostle Paul, Nicholas, the Holy Martyr Tryphon and Xenia of Petersburg. The basic condition of prayer is sincerity asking, which can also seek the assistance of its patron or patroness.

It is advisable to pray about finding a Church, but the Lord will hear the prayers of the house – the main thing that the desire came from the heart.

No need to ask God for a cool job with a big salary should be requested on the post that best fits who asks and will be good for him. The ability to formulate queries is turning to a higher power is extremely important because people often do not know what they want, so their prayers remain unanswered. Through failure, the Lord is trying to teach people to understand their needs and to trust him – after all, nobody is given of the tests on the force, and trusting God will always be on the right road.

Prayers for the job search

Pray you like in your own words or special prayers. For example, to find a job will help the following prayer: "o Lord! Give me your favorite work. Give me a job where I could realize all the talents and abilities that You gave me. That will give me joy, and I could bring many benefits to people in exchange for a decent reward."

Before reading each prayer, be sure to read the "our father" and three times to cross.

To succeed in business and improve the achievements in the field found work, you need to read this prayer: "o Lord! In the name of Jesus Christ I pray You success in all Affairs of my hands, if it be Your will. Grant me success, help me to work hard so that the fruits may produce this work. Instruct me what I need to do."

The Lord heard the request before starting a new job and crime to perform the duties you need to say the following small prayer of blessing: "Bless me, Lord, and help me, a sinner, to do start my business in Thy glory." After that you can calmly get down to business, God will look out for their successful implementation.