Advice 1: What a Saint to pray to find a job

Job problems people have, for various reasons someone can't get a decent place, someone unhappy with their existing position or salary, and someone actually sees himself in the other direction, but can't quit old job, fear to remain without money. In such cases, you can turn to the saints, to help in this difficult case.
What a Saint to pray to find a job

Whom to pray

Mostly, people turn in their prayers to God, but there are saints who can help to find a job and stay on it. So, you could pray to the icon of the mother of God icon "Quick to hearken" icon, the Nine Holy martyrs of Kyzikos. Help with job search, the Apostle Paul, Nicholas, the Holy Martyr Tryphon and Xenia of Petersburg. The basic condition of prayer is sincerity asking, which can also seek the assistance of its patron or patroness.

It is advisable to pray about finding a Church, but the Lord will hear the prayers of the house – the main thing that the desire came from the heart.

No need to ask God for a cool job with a big salary should be requested on the post that best fits who asks and will be good for him. The ability to formulate queries is turning to a higher power is extremely important because people often do not know what they want, so their prayers remain unanswered. Through failure, the Lord is trying to teach people to understand their needs and to trust him – after all, nobody is given of the tests on the force, and trusting God will always be on the right road.

Prayers for the job search

Pray you like in your own words or special prayers. For example, to find a job will help the following prayer: "o Lord! Give me your favorite work. Give me a job where I could realize all the talents and abilities that You gave me. That will give me joy, and I could bring many benefits to people in exchange for a decent reward."

Before reading each prayer, be sure to read the "our father" and three times to cross.

To succeed in business and improve the achievements in the field found work, you need to read this prayer: "o Lord! In the name of Jesus Christ I pray You success in all Affairs of my hands, if it be Your will. Grant me success, help me to work hard so that the fruits may produce this work. Instruct me what I need to do."

The Lord heard the request before starting a new job and crime to perform the duties you need to say the following small prayer of blessing: "Bless me, Lord, and help me, a sinner, to do start my business in Thy glory." After that you can calmly get down to business, God will look out for their successful implementation.

Advice 2: What prayers need to know all

An Orthodox man, first of all, ask God for help before the upcoming business, and when completed will thank the Lord because He can help in any case, the initiative and show the true path to those who sincerely carries faith.
What prayers need to know all
"In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit, Amen." After ask the Lord for help, be sure these words receive a Blessing. Do not forget about such a short prayer, like "God bless!". This prayer should be recited before starting any business.
"Lord, have mercy!" says anyone who accidentally or intentionally committed any sin. Say this prayer for 3 times, if you praise the Lord, 12 times – if you ask blessings, and 40 times – in that case, if asked to consecrate all my life.
Such short prayers should include praise and prayer, in which there are no requests, but only the ascension of praise to God. It reads: "Glory to Thee our God, glory to You!".
The Christian believer needs to know and appeal to Jesus Christ: "Lord Jesus Christ! The son of God, prayers for the sake of Thy most pure Mother and all the saints, have mercy on us. Amen." Uttering the words of this prayer, ask for petitions for sinful people to Jesus and Mother of God. In other words, by praying in this way, Christians seek the intercession and protection of the Mother of God before the Savior.
Deeply religious people offer their prayers and "Holy cross" in which to pray for forgiveness and salvation of people on earth. Here it is worth noting and prayer, "the creed." In this prayer it says that faith in expectation of the appearance of the Lord on our planet never goes out.
In the Charter of the Church issued separately for morning and evening, spoken before communion in the post, which will necessarily be followed a deeply religious man. One of them is the prayer of St. Ephraim the Syrian: "o Lord and master of my life! The spirit of idleness, despondency and ambition not grant me. The spirit of chastity, humble-mindedness, patience and ljubve bestow upon me, Thy servant. Yea, o Lord King, grant me to see my transgressions and not condemn my brother; for blessed if forever. Amen."
There are prayers, the full text, which for sure will be known only deeply religious people, but there are short prayers that you need to always remember.

There is a great amount of prayer words specific to any situation, when Christians ask God's blessings and protection, and for forgiveness and the strength to hold the post. However, those that were given above are, perhaps, the most basic prayers that a believer must know.
Useful advice
Modern technologies allow to have a prayer book at hand, which will not take place in the bag - enough to download a special app on the phone or a file format for electronic books.

Advice 3: What a Saint to pray from drinking

It is believed that the icon of our lady called "the inexhaustible Cup" helps to heal not only from alcoholism but also for drug addiction. For recovery before it is necessary to read special prayers.
The icon of the Mother of God "inexhaustible chalice".
The Orthodox found out about the icon in 1878. When the peasant of Tula province, who suffers from chronic alcoholism and for this reason a cut of his fortune, he dreamed of the old man. The old man told the farmer to go to the monastery in Serpukhov, and to serve a moleben before the icon "the inexhaustible chalice".

It is worth saying that the farmer, who was honored a soldier, retired, felt that the dream meant nothing and did not dare to travel without money, of which he was not. Moreover, due to the frequent use of alcohol that has two left feet, but he still continued to drink.

But the dream he dreamed in the second and third time. The old man has just ordered the peasant to go. Nothing better to do, the soldiers gathered all his remaining strength and followed to the monastery, and he had it on his hands and knees. But it was worth it.

After he reached the destination, walking up to the priest and explaining to him the situation, asked to serve a moleben, but the icon is not immediately found. Moreover, no one in the monastery about her and not heard. It turned out that she had long hung in the aisle, and nobody was paying attention to her, didn't know what it's called. Turning the icon, all surprised to see that the reverse side is written "the inexhaustible Cup".

The magical effects of our lady "the inexhaustible chalice"

When the priest read the prayer to the icon of the Mother of God "inexhaustible Cup", the soldier was much better, he ceased to feel the craving for alcohol. Back home the farmer is healthy, on their feet. The news of miraculous healing had spread first across the city of Serpukhov, and then all over Russia.

The icon began to arrive not only people who are dependent on alcohol, but their relatives did not lose hope for deliverance dear person from addiction. Many then returned to the virgin to thank her for her miraculous healing from alcoholism or drug addiction. Thus the icon has quickly become popular, it began to print in large quantities and sell in churches and monasteries around the world.

What a Saint to pray from alcoholism and how

In the Serpukhov monastery every Sunday held a prayer service, during which commemorate the names of those who are dependent on alcohol and who need help in deliverance from alcoholism. You can come to the monastery personally and defend the entire prayer, then the priest will consolidate the results, sprinkling the person with Holy water. But you can buy a copy of the icon and to pray at her house.

You can pray in your own words, asking for help from the mother of God to overcome the craving for alcohol, to give strength and healing. But we should not expect immediate recovery, it is important that the man himself wanted to get rid of bad habits. Only then "the inexhaustible chalice" will help to overcome addiction to alcohol and even drugs.

What is depicted on the icon

The virgin is depicted on the icon with hands raised, she prays and asks God to heal people with addiction to alcohol. Beside her drawn Cup which is her son. It symbolizes that the Holy virgin brought God to sacrifice his son in order to atone for the sins of the people.

Advice 4: How to pray at the icons

Prayer is dialogue with God through which one learns that the Lord is involved in everything that happens in life. Prayer is very important not only to speak and someone to listen to me, but to hear His answer. But it so happened that people, even realizing the necessity of turning to God, just do not know how to access It and how to use the word.
How to pray at the icons
To answer the prayer of everyone. It doesn't matter where you pray in Church or before the icon, standing in the house. The main thing is to start and finish the prayer. First and foremost, going to the icon, try to focus completely on prayer, leaving aside domestic concerns. To them you'll be back later.
Start reading prayers, spiritual adjust yourself and trust that the Holy can hear you. Herewith, it is necessary to pray not the icon itself, and the image of a Saint depicted on it.
If you do not know the words of prayer, to read prayer can in your own words. But in critical cases requiring special diligence, the prayer, the prayer should be prepared, learn it by heart. To read the prayer need from a pure heart, then the result of your conversion to God is not long to wait.
Before you begin to pray at the icon, you should come clean. To do this, before you start to read the prayer or the day before, forgive everyone with whom you have at the moment are not the best way.
Going to the icon, ocenite cross banner. Fold creepersin right hand, and lay it on the forehead, belly, right and left shoulder. Once you put yourself on the sign of the cross, bend. The sign of the cross made with faith, is able to frighten demons and to comfort the sinful passions, attracting divine grace.
Say "In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit", then start your prayer. After reading the prayer to the Saint before whose icon stand, go to the end of the petition. To do this, say: "glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and unto ages of ages". Will ocenite the sign of the cross three times, reciting the "Lord, have mercy", and "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, prayers for the sake of Thy most pure Matera, Reverend and God-bearing fathers and all the saints, have mercy on us. Amen."
Again ocenite itself a sign, and then say: "In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost." Now you can turn to the Saint with his request. You can ask about everything and everyone. Most importantly, your appeal to the Holy one must come from the heart. Once you Express all your problems, say "Amen" and ocenite the sign of the cross.
After the thanksgiving, don't forget to kiss the icon. Thus you Express your reverence to the Saint, to which you have applied. In addition, a kiss symbolizes faith in this Saint. If you prayed before the icon, on which the Saint is depicted full-length, kiss the hands or feet. On the Holy face that says only the face, kiss my hair. And the icon of the Mother of God touch the lip to the shoulder, which depicts a star.
Praying before the icon, we must remember that it is not always implemented immediately. This should line up the necessary circumstances that all came together harmoniously. And this, as we know, takes time. Therefore it is very important not to lose faith.
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