The causes of allergies

The main cause of the Allergy is a progressive environmental degradation, which affects the major industrial centers. Harmful emissions of the enterprises, most pollution in combination with an acute lack of green spaces and forested areas led to the fact that the air constantly are the smallest particles of various allergens. All of these have breathing adults and children who are especially suffer painful allergic, because their immune system is still weak, and the protective barriers of the mucous membranes are not fully formed. The manifestation of Allergy at a young age along with her growth as the child gets older can lead to serious chronic diseases.

Possible complications

The most frequent complications of allergies include asthma and the subsequent development of asthma or anaphylactic shock. In cases with allergies never self-medicate, here the treatment should be chosen taking into account all the individual characteristics of the organism, only after a variety of tests and clinical trials. Today, for the treatment of allergies used both traditional and alternative medicine.

Institute of Allergology and clinical immunology

This medical institution was established in 1995. It was then discovered the first clinical Department right in the center of Moscow. So, thanks to the support of Honored doctor of Russia of a famous doctor-Clinica academician Yu. V. Sergeev, Russia's capital received a first professional allergotsentr. In subsequent years, within the walls of the medical institution was embodied in the social and medical program for concessional patients and patients with severe hereditary diseases.

Today in the clinical base of the Institute in addition to the main clinic on Malaya Bronnaya, 20/1 includes three medical centres: in Victory square, in Zhulebino and the center for the treatment of children at Patriarch's ponds.

Scientifically-the clinical Advisory centre of Allergology and immunology

This is a specialized profile in clinic, the main focus of activity is on the diagnosis and treatment of immunopathological conditions and allergic diseases. NCCC created by a group of doctors-enthusiasts to provide a whole range of services: biochemical research, immuno - and allergic diagnosis, Dermoscopy, nebulizer therapy, successfully used in the treatment of allergies. This center is located at: Moscow, ul Ostrovityanova, 6.

Buteyko Clinic

For devotees of alternative medicine since 1987, running clinic Buteyko, that on the 3rd Vladimir street, 3, bld.2. Specialists of the medical center offering comprehensive treatment programs with a duration of 1-5 weeks. Mostly the treatment consists of five sessions in the clinic. Them highly qualified doctors teach the patient a special breathing technique which helps to eliminate disease symptoms without the use of drugs.