Society and man

Human values – it is primarily something to aspire to society and each person individually, because to follow the higher ideals that are embedded in the subconscious, is vital. Otherwise, humanity will go stale.

It happens so that the society promotes wrong human values. The most prominent example is Nazi Germany. As a result we can draw two conclusions. First, human values lays the society itself and those who control it. Second, incorrect values lead to global destruction.

Human values can be divided into different categories. Many philosophers tried to do. For example, Alfred Adler singled out the physical, emotional and intellectual values. The psychologist Gordon Allport has identified six categories. The simplest division is the category of the material and the spiritual.

In any case, you need to understand that human values belong to each person separately, and it can take them as you like, depending on its moral foundations.

Spiritual wings

"Faith in higher values and ideals gives them spiritual wings" - said Likhachev. People with high morality, will try to follow. But there is often a dissonance between personal values and values of society.

It is believed that modern society has corporealism potential. That money replaced love and kindness, and blame the new generation and time. But the struggle between the value of material goods and spiritual values continues for a very long time and will continue for many years.

But it cannot be denied that the consumer society really exists. This is due to the fact that a person who can not defend their own moral principles, there is a substitution of values. Moral values change on benefit and need.

This is not to say that the person who seeks to financially support himself and his family, morally compromised. Because, really, without money it is difficult to live – it is a necessary good. The difference is that they should be exactly so much, how many is enough, no more. Persons should not put material above a decent moral life.

The only way to protect yourself from the process of substitution values is to read quality literature. Books recognized as classics, keep answers to questions about these values.

Letters Likhachev

D. S. Likhachev in his work "Letter about the good and the beautiful" attempts from some parties to disclose the concept of human values. The most important value he believes the life of others, their animals and plants. He says that life has no boundaries, and we must learn to feel and see the intangible.

The time and skill that teaches kindness – the same core values at the Likhachev.

For an individual people value is its culture and language, But for all of humanity, beauty and love.

To talk about human values is very difficult, since each of these values on your own. As a result, to summarize and make a list of human values is also very difficult. Some philosophers say that the universal values does not exist. But, anyway, they exist inside every living on the planet of man.