What is credo

Credo is a system of certain beliefs that the person has chosen for themselves. Credo usually consists of one sentence with a deep philosophical meaning. This phrase expresses everything that one believes, and testifies to his priorities.

One person can be multiple credo, but they should not be mutually exclusive and contradictory. Together they form the basis of the worldview of the individual, reflect the fundamental principles of his point of view and contain pillars of his philosophy.
It's kind of the motto with which the person goes through life.

The role of the credo in life

Credo is not just a beautiful phrase. This is not the usual aphorism that is liked and remembered the man. Credo should have significant practical application. If words, thoughts and actions of the individual are contrary to his credo, then this belief is wrongly selected as the life points.

Credo helps a person to make a choice in difficult situations. It can cheer up in difficult circumstances and inspire man to action. Beliefs need to achieve your goal, be proud of yourself and to make the world a little better.

Over time one the creed of the person may be replaced by another. This is due to the internal changes of the individual, his achievements and growth as a person. Circumstances and life experience can help to ensure that the previously applicable principles become acceptable.

Choice credo

To select a creed, we must re-examine their values. Prioritize, identify what is really important to you in life. You also need to take into account the individual characteristics of your character.
What is good for one person, will not stomach another.

Explore expression famous people who arouse admiration and respect by his actions. Perhaps their beliefs will work for you. It should be noted that the creed reflects the ideals of man and can wear even sublime character. However, other, less worthy beliefs, can be quite mundane, plain and simple. The main thing that they were really part of your nature, and that you are able to live by them.

If you can't decide on the main points of his worldview, don't despair. This does not mean that you have no principles. Just you have not yet obtained accurately Express them in words. All the time. Without a credo, too, can live in dignity. The main thing - do not collide with my conscience not to betray their dreams.