French brandy, pitted

It is best to remove pits from cherries. It is believed that tannins contained in them can harm the health. Who does not believe wants to quickly prepare the main ingredient for the beverage can not remove pits.

Others can easily do with the help of safety pins. Its delicate end to pierce the flesh of the cherry, hook the pit and pull it out. It's a way to prepare cherries for making the French liqueur. That's what it requires:

- 1 kg of cherries;
- 500 g of sugar;
- to taste: cinnamon, lemon peels and orange;
- 400 g of vodka.

From the cherries and remove the seeds, and stalk length 1 cm, leave. Next, you need to prepare glass jars, sterilized them, put the cherries and place hot jars on 5 minutes in boiling water. Banks pour in the chilled vodka, add to taste spices, sugar.

Depending on taste preferences, you can put a little more or less sugar. Banks must be closed tightly screwed iron caps and clean up for 3 months in a dark place. After the finished beverage is ready to drink.

Infusion "Roasted cherry"

The following recipe is suitable for those who have a cellar and furnace. Even if not, you can still make a liqueur called "Roasted cherries". Cherry put on a plate and put in warm oven. You can heat the oven to 80oC, disable it and put the berries inside in a pan, covered with baking paper.

Cherries should be slightly wrinkled, but not dry. Cooled berries fill the bottle almost to the top and pour vodka to cover all the cherries. Now the capacity is removed in a cool cellar for 12 days.

If this premise is not, then they make brandy from cherries in the bottles and put them in the fridge. But that's not all. After this time all the fluid is drained, but do not drink, and in a cool, clean place. Pour in the berries a new batch of vodka.

After 2 weeks and it was poured into another container. The third time, fill the bottle with vodka and allow to stand for already 7 weeks. This merge and cherry brandy, mix it with the previous two, add sugar to taste and put in a cool place. After 2 weeks it's time to try the results of their work.

Infusion without vodka

You can prepare a tonic without vodka. To do this, from ripe cherries, remove the seeds, put the berries in a jar, sandwiching sugar. On top of the container put on rubber medical glove with any punctured finger on it.

Put the jar on a Sunny windowsill. After 2 weeks strain the liquid through several layers of gauze. Now it can pour into bottles, put into the refrigerator, and after a month of cherry ambrosia ready.