If your house is on furnace heating, go to the local forestry. For firewood every year allowed the allocation of forest area under logging. In the forest where you live, write a statement of need wood. Attach to the application a certificate from the local administration stating that you do live in a house with stove heating, and you have heated non-residential premises.
In the statement specify the surname, name, patronymic; address of residence, passport data. Also, provide the full name of forestry where felling will be carried out. Be sure to name the purpose of use of plots (for personal use). State the amount of wood you require. The amount must not exceed the standards which are set for each region individually, and it depends on the area of the house to be heated. Do not forget to specify the quality characteristics of wood.
Apply for the lease of forest plantations, as required by forestry regulations. This document will become the main licensing document for the export of wood from your forest land.
Check your timber for their own needs. You will be allowed to take trees felled by wind or storm; dead or beginning to dry up the trees damaged by pests or diseases trees. There will be selective felling. For unauthorized removal of fallen trees is a penalty and damage compensation. Either allow clear cutting of the forest lost its biological stability.
Note that after the clearance of the site must be cleared of debris. On its territory there should be no household garbage, scattered branches and high stumps. The environmental Commission will not accept the contaminated area, and in the case of non-rectification of the observations will be fined a large amount.