You will need
  • - L-shaped hex key (usually 4 mm);
  • - plastic strip.
First determine what the problem is. Open the shutter and inspect the gasket. Determine the direction of the displacement of the wing: at this point, the gasket will be pressed, and it will leave marks from the folds. Another sign of the bias fold may be a bad handle work that is bad or not until the end of turn.
To move right or left upper corner of the door, take the l-shaped hex key (usually 4 mm). Remove the upper door hinge decorative cover and tighten the screw hinges. Adjust the position of the sash in a horizontal direction by rotating the sash counterclockwise or clockwise around the lower loop.
To move to the right and left bottom corner, remove the plug from the bottom of the loop. With the Allen key 4 mm tighten the screw hinges. Adjust the horizontal position of the sash while turning the sash around the top of the loop.
If the gasket is deformed at the bottom, it takes a bit to raise the shutter, for this a hex key and draw a vertical adjustment bottom hinge side. Adjust the upper hinge to lower the sash, if found dents on the top of the seal. The secret is simple: turn clockwise to lower the sash and counterclockwise to raise.
If adjustment with hinges doesn't help, try to "pull" door. To do this, remove the fillets, and place on the top edge (between the profile and the glazing) one or more plastic strips. Note, however, that wrong actions will lead to cancellation of warranty on the door.
Adjustment if you can not afford, or you fear something to spoil, to call the master. Watch how he will be adjusting the plastic balcony door and remember all of his actions. Find out what all the secrets, and you no longer need the services of a specialist.