Long well-groomed hair is beautiful. Many men admit that long hair complete the image of feminine and attractive women. This season the fashion is black color with a variety of shades, so it's time for black-haired women, to whom great opportunities in terms of haircuts.

Modern fashion trends hairstyles

Today more than ever popular natural in all its manifestations, therefore, holders of long black hair can go with her curls and to be in trend. But if you want to make your hairstyle, you should look at laying on its side. And if earlier it was done on a straight smooth hair without brush, today stylists are focusing on bouffant and volume. The fleece is subjected to only the roots of the hair, leaving it parted in the middle. On the one hand hair pin up with Bobby pins and invisible and placed on its side. This hairstyle can be done for those who have bangs and those who do not.

Black hair like no other look great in curls. In the fashion of Hollywood curls, involving a handsome volume and airiness. To create this effect will help of large curlers, styling suitable light means, does not weigh hair down. Does not lose its relevance and hairstyle in the style of grunge. This voluminous, disheveled and chaotically stacked haircut is quite popular among young people. To visualize the effect can be if to emphasize the individual strands with gel or wax.

Hairstyle malvinka, which makes the long hair side strands collecting and killing them on the back, choose girls with cascading hair. "Beam" - the most simple, feminine and easy hairstyle for those with long hair. Moreover, the beam can be made as high, allowing you to get a "pony tail" and the low, to gather in his front, or the side, making a straight, oblique or zigzag parting. The advantage of the beam as formal styling simply undeniable: whatever hair women – thin and unhealthy, dull and damaged hair – this hairstyle will hide all the flaws and will look great.

What else can you do on long black hair

Young women should pay attention to the shell with a wet effect. Classic shell, which is not distracting one of them, rooted in the past, a trend topsy-turvy, as if a hastily-created shell, done on wet hair with numerous studs. This is perfect for girls with black hair, which is going to wear to the party chiffon dress. Hairstyle "Balloon decorated with ribbon jewelry brooch dips into the' 60s, the strip in this case will help to fix the ends of the hair.