Pre-apply hair gel or foam for styling. Well rascalities, lower your head, then do a little brushing, gathering hair into a high ponytail. Take one strand and wrap her tail. Remove excess hair with Bobby pins. The resulting hairstyle fix varnish.
Divide the hair into several zones. Take strands on top and necesite them. Carefully lay and kill it with a hairpin, invisible, or large decorative hair clip. Comb the hair, you can also collect in the tail, releasing a few strands in the front.
If you want to create elegant look, you can go to the popular hairstyle of the 60-ies. Do a thorough brushing of the strands at the crown, gather them into a bundle and wrap it in tape or wear a bright headband. In front you can put out one or two strands.
Very popular today are Coca – comb the front hair. You can gather it high at the crown or bangs down on the forehead. The rest of the hair, you can gently pick up with the help of roller or pins (invisible) or left loose.
The easiest way of styling long hair is braid. But to make it look original, braid it, slightly shifting to the side or extending diagonally through the head. Braid can braid to the end, leave long ends, necessav them.
Gather hair in a ponytail but on the last turnover of the gum do not miss the hair to the end and fix them to make a loop. The tips of the remaining hair, wrap the elastic band and secure with Bobby pins or invisible. Then from the resulting loop of hair and slowly pull the strands in a staggered manner. It is best if the strands are the same length. After fix the hair lacquer.
Hair can be left loose, placing them with a hair dryer and gel (foam). Rinse hair. And then gently comb it and air dry, laying strands at a time. Pull them from the roots to the tips, and you will get a voluminous hairstyle. You can rinse your hair with water with sea salt and allow to dry naturally, combing only after drying. So your hair will become slightly sloppy look and is perfect for beach and any other party.