Vegetable soup-puree with croutons

If the child grows up, the blender, the farm will be a must. With its help it is possible to prepare a soup of vegetables and cereals. Rinse and peel potatoes, medium carrots, half of a purple onion. Scald in boiling water a few sprigs of cauliflower. Vegetables cut into large chunks, put in boiling water and boil until tender. Throw into the brew a sprig of dill.

Cool the soup to a temperature of fresh milk, and very quickly, in a few turns, turn it to the blender. 10 your baby is already the first milk teeth and developing jaw has to work constantly. The soup must include soft pieces that need to chew and grind.
Put in the soup for a child only proven ingredients that will not cause allergic reactions. Reactions to new products should be checked in advance by introducing them into the diet of meager portions.

Season the finished dish with melted butter and drop into the liquid a few small cubes of bread. The same soup you can make with meat broth. Slices of boiled chicken, veal, rabbit throw into a blender with other ingredients.

Milk soups with cereals and pasta

Milk soup is one of the most simple and hearty dishes that you can prepare for 10-month-old baby. They are prepared one sample. Cereals (buckwheat or rice) loop, rinse thoroughly in cool water and throw it in hot water. One portion of soup will be enough 1 tablespoon rice (buckwheat) and 0.5 cups of water. When grits are soft, add a glass of milk, stir and boil.

Soup with pasta is even easier to prepare: in a Cup of boiling milk stir in a handful of thin noodles and cook until done. The pan use only thick-walled, pre-was washed the dishes in cold water. Simmer the soup on low heat. A dish of barley or pasta add butter, you can add a small amount of sugar.
Today it is believed that meals for children under one year do not need to add salt for the prevention of heart diseases and kidneys. Sodium is found in vegetables, cereals and other products. The 10-month-old baby in the salt - up to 350 mg per day.

For the little foodie

If your child likes variety, try a more original recipes baby meals. For example, prepare the original cheese soup. To do this, take 100 grams of your favorite vegetables your child (this can be carrots, potatoes, cabbage, zucchini, onion), rinse them and clean.

Cut the vegetables into small slices and cook in water or strained chicken broth (0.5 l). Add roasted semolina (1 tablespoon) and cook with constant stirring on slow heat for 20 min. Put 2 teaspoons of butter, grated steep yolks and 2 tablespoons of grated cheese. Warm the soup for 3 minutes and serve with chopped dill.

Sweet tooth you can offer a sweet soup of melon, pumpkin, zucchini, fruits. Selected materials thoroughly rinse. For example, boil a large Apple, 3-4 local apricot in 0.5 cups of water and roll the concoction in a blender (RUB through a sieve). The resulting puree put in a saucepan on the stove, pour in 0.5 cups of milk and bring everything to a boil. Stir in a tablespoon of semolina, cook until done and add the prepared fruit soup with grated egg yolk cool. Serve with slices of soft fruit (bananas, strawberries).