Feed newborn Chicks needed every 2-3 hours from 6 am to 11 PM. At night, the kids have to sleep. Prepare for feeding Chicks of parrots of liquid semolina or wheat porridge, boiled in milk. Add a bit of sugar, dried up shell of chicken eggs, pounded into powder, and fish oil (1 drop per teaspoon of cereal).
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The first 3-4 days of life the Chicks feed them better from ordinary medical syringe, of course, without a needle. One cub is enough 3-5 ml of porridge for one feeding.
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To dopisivati Chicks water in the first days of their lives not necessarily because porridge, which they eat, contains a sufficient amount of liquid. Although it is sometimes possible to treat kids fruit or vegetable juice.
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Next, start to teach kids giving a regular teaspoon. The first time the Chicks usually take cereal from a spoon rather reluctantly. But I got used to this method of feeding, they begin to open his mouth at the sight of a spoon.
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Do not rush to transfer Chicks of parrots on grain feed. Doing this is recommended only when the babies will learn to sit on the hand of its master.
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To teach young parrots to the grain feed should gradually. For this familiar cook for them porridge thicker. When the Chicks get used to this food and will learn to eat thick porridge yourself, start to pour into their feeders a small amount of grain mixture. Thus, the parakeets gradually get used to the grain, peculiar to these birds food. Remember, Chicks parrots on grain feed in the cage next to the feeder must use a Cup with water.
Be sure to put on the bottom of the cage with Chicks of parrots a jar filled with mineral food. He needed the kids for the proper development and growth of their skeleton. As a mineral additive use powdered shells of chicken eggs.