Advice 1: What to feed a flying squirrel at home

Say for exotic animals is very difficult to treat. In most cases, this is true. With a squirrel-flying squirrel is much easier. This animal does not require too much care, the main thing is to feed him.
What to feed a flying squirrel at home

What kind of animals flying squirrels

Flying squirrels (possums) close to the squirrel family. They live in the tropics of Asia and the forest zone of the temperate belt of the Northern hemisphere. One species of possums living on the territory of the Russian Federation.

These animals are similar to regular squirrels, but they are distinguished by a less fluffy tail, no tufts on the ears and larger eyes. Flying squirrels are nocturnal and crepuscular lifestyle. Between the limbs and sides of possums is leathery membrane, necessary to ensure that the animal could plan between the trees. Another difference letjag from regular protein is that in the trees they move much quicker than on earth.

With his grasping claws, flying squirrels jumping on the branches is very thin, and can even hang upside down. Nests of possums resemble a ball, they are built in hollows of trees.

Flying squirrels can live in captivity for about 15 years, but they need good care. Day their better not to disturb, otherwise they may hurt to bite the owner.

To acquire such an exotic pet is not so simple. It is unlikely you will be able to buy it in a regular pet store. Usually catch flying squirrels order experienced hunters.

How to feed flying squirrels

The bulk of the diet of flying squirrels must have been gifts of nature. Your pet refuses to gnaw the young shoots and buds of trees or shrubs to eat tree bark, unopened buds, etc.

Be sure to feed the flying squirrel fresh vegetables and fruits. To fill the shortage of calcium in the animal body, add to his food with crushed eggshells or chalk. Don't ignore dairy products.

Remember that flying squirrels are carnivorous animals, so let's pet worms. Because of addiction to sweets, some people call the flying squirrels "sugar". Pamper your possum a special little candies, candied fruits and baby food.

Some flying squirrels cry at night, like little children. So, if at this moment you will give the animal a piece of candy, he will calm down and will love you even more.

Breeding flying squirrels

In captivity, possums rarely reproduce. But with good care it happens. If you made a couple of flying squirrels, pregnancy in females can occur once a year.

It should be remembered that during pregnancy and feeding in the diet of females, you need to add foods with high fat content. In addition to the usual nutrition, the protein you will need cheese, sunflower seeds and porridge.

Advice 2: Homemade protein: conditions of detention

Today it is fashionable to keep unusual animals. One of them is protein. Despite the fact that this animal is a forest dweller, it is well adapted to home maintenance. By purchasing this rodent must know how to properly care for it and keep at home, so he lived a long and happy life and pleasing their masters.

The conditions of detention squirrel home

Proteins quite easily accustomed to humans, but it is not always the case. Each animal has its own individual character.

This forest animal, unlike many other rodents, is awake a day, which is very good for keeping it at home. One of the characteristics of proteins is its activity. She's always busy with something, is in motion. So for her it's nice to see such a small animal does not get bored. In addition, she is curious and gullible, which is also positive for domestic animals.

The organization of the habitat of squirrels, you need to remember its features. So she was not bored, felt comfortable, choose a cage for its spacious and light inside which make the "hollow" where the animal can relax and retire if necessary. Cage for one animal the most optimal size 120х120х120, with its house-hollow can take about a third of the entire space. The frame of her cage should be metal, otherwise it can gnaw through it and escape. For the entertainment of rodent put the wheel in which it can run. In addition, building proteins need to put a thick branch, about her small animal will sharpen their teeth and claws that grow in her lifetime. It is desirable in the cell to make many different levels in which it will be able to jump in and waste your tremendous energy.

Do not forget to regularly clean out the cage at the animal. If you have it raised, it can sometimes release to walk around the house only under supervision. Otherwise, this rodent can spoil your furniture. These walks will add variety to the life of squirrels, improve her mood, to satisfy the curiosity and will allow you to burn off excess energy.

Care for the squirrel and feeding

In any case, do not overfeed protein, it's bad for her health and may cause death of the animal.

The diet of these rodents must be contained nuts, fruits, vegetables, seeds, berries, mushrooms, shoots and even buds. Sometimes they can be palagonite the bird eggs, hard boiled and insects. The latter can be replaced by flour worms, powder of beef and fish bones. Squirrels can give dried fruit, unopened spruce and pine cones, acorns, sunflower seeds, grains, pumpkin seeds or flax, dried mushrooms, white bread or crackers. Sometimes it is useful to drink milk, eat cheese or cheese. Don't forget every day she poured fresh water, which should be available round the clock. In any case, do not feed the animal with almonds and salted, smoked, sweet and fried foods. Such food is harmful rodents and can kill him.

Care protein unpretentious. It is not necessary to bathe or cut hair. She watches her skin. Can occasionally brushed her during the shedding period in order to facilitate and speed up the process. Don't forget to clean the cage about 2-3 times a week. It is especially necessary to monitor the pending squirrel reserves, so they do not spoil remove them.

The key to a healthy squirrel is a moderate diet and stay active. Every day she needs to 45-50 gr. a variety of food. In the wild they live about 3-4 years. In a good home it can accommodate up to 10, and in rare cases even up to 15 years.
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