Show patience and persistence in training – it will take time, but eventually your efforts will be rewarded. In order for training to be effective, teach parrot to talk from a very early age, preferably from the first day the poultry in your home.
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Give the bird the parrot to understand that he is a full member of your family, and he wants to learn human speech to approach people and begin to imitate them. Obogrevala parrot, feed him, help him to take you part of his pack.
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Remember also that males are easier to master it than females, but with those and with others you can achieve success in learning. Training females you will spend more time, but the words spoken by the female will be clear and beautiful.
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Your parrots may be more able or less able to simulate human speech – you can check it on the behavior of the parrot. If he tries to imitate all the sounds he hears in the yard or on TV, it means that the bird has pronounced ability to imitate sounds. In addition, it is important to train your parrot - he should trust you and shouldn't be afraid of people.
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Engage with the parrot alone for that and have a lot of free time. Try to say while chatting with the bird mostly high-pitched sounds, as of a young bird not able to reproduce low sounds, and it will be easier if you go to meet him.
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Teach a parrot to speak in a calm and quiet atmosphere, turn off the radio, TV and telephone, and remove from the cage the parrot a mirror so the parrot is not distracted. When the lesson is over, place the mirror into place.
As often as possible call the parrot by name, talk to him gentle voice, his comment and his actions. The best time to practice is the morning and evening. Order parrot has always had a willingness to learn, and make classes for the most exciting game that he is looking forward to have to wait. To teach human speech can be only the parrot, who lives alone. If you are going to do with the bird regularly, after two or three weeks, the parrot will begin to utter the first words.