You will need
  • computer;
  • - the Internet.
One way to remove unwanted subscribers is to write them a personal message. Ask these people to unsubscribe from your page. Option simple, but does not always work. Firstly, not the fact that people will respond to the request. Second, if subscribers are many, to write to each – quite a long and laborious process. Moreover, the user page may be blocked or protected by privacy settings personal messages.
Another method to get subscribers is to add specific users to the blacklist. In this case, they will automatically disappear from the corresponding list. In addition, these people will not be able to write messages to you and even to view the page. If users keep in the black list at least half an hour, they will cease to be your subscribers. After this time you can unlock, and can be left there. In any case, your page these people appear longer. There are several options for implementing this procedure.
Under his avatar, open the subscriber list, find a specific person and go to its page. Under his avatar at the bottom right find labels "Block" and "Report page". Click on the first option.
This man goes from subscribers to the black list. Leave it there for half an hour or more, then go to his page. In the place where you clicked "Block", click "Unblock". After that person ceases to be a subscriber, not while being in the black list.
There is a way to manage lists of blocked subscribers, not looking for not going to their pages. In the menu top left select "My settings". Next, from the drop-down options select the "blacklist" and enter the name of the unwanted subscriber. Then click "add to blacklist". If you want anyone to unlock, click "Remove from blacklist". This user will not be your subscriber.