Curtains in the interior

The design of window openings – this is a great springboard for creativity, so the curtains blend in with the interior, you should follow some rules of the game with the texture, color, shape. Design "clothes" for the window must match the overall style of the interior space, the wash cloth should be tied to the color of the walls, upholstered furniture, outdoor carpet.

The choice of curtains depends on the nature of the room containing the window. To create a calming atmosphere in the bedroom can be "wearing" it in pastel colors and a light haze of tulle create a romantic mood. The kitchen will be a good short curtains fun bright colors, intercepted by tapes or cords.

For living rooms in modern style, appropriate curtains, consisting of drapery and sheer fabrics (organza, tulle, nylon). Despite its apparent simplicity, this type of curtains has a variety of options. Curtains can be bilateral, unilateral, lined, with pelmet and without. A variety of mounting options – curtain ribbon, bows, rings, eyelets; decorative elements – holders, the brushes assume a variety of decor.

Design curtains

With the help of the drapery for the window openings you can adjust the visual size of the room. A small room will shrink in size, if you hang it heavy, bulky Drapes, spacious living rooms need to be complex, with tracks and decorating the Windows. Wide, with numerous folds, the curtains lower the too high ceilings, long narrow leaf, on the contrary, will make the room above.

Large Windows make a bright fabric with abstract pattern. The canvas is spanned on the size of the opening, will create the effect of stained glass. If the window is positioned low, to rectify the situation you hang a cornice under the ceiling. Curtains should be long, to lie on the floor with beautiful pleats.

Fit perfectly into any style – Japanese, country, minimalist, classic, spacious and beautiful Roman blinds. They perfectly protect the room from sunlight and prying eyes expanded, it does not weigh down the interior. Blinds can be raised up to the end, or half, thereby adjusting the room lighting.