Causes of dysmetabolic changes in the myocardium

Dysmetabolic changes in the myocardium occur due to impaired blood supply to the heart muscle. Failure of energy balance occurs due to improper blood flow in the heart cells - cardiomyocytes. The main symptom of imbalance energy is imbalance of ions in the cell and in the extracellular space. In cardiomyocytes begins to accumulate a large number of protons, lactic acid. At the same time decreases the number of high-energy phosphates, exposed the only source of energy within cells. Energy metabolism is a vital process. For this reason, even when a small violation of develop various diseases including heart attacks and death.
In most cases, dysmetabolic changes in the myocardium are the companion of people suffering from coronary heart disease, angina, etc.

Causes of dysmetabolic changes in the myocardium enough: to vitamin deficiency, toxins, alcohol intoxication, malnutrition, disorders of lipid, protein, carbohydrate balance, menopause. Changes in the heart muscle can also be caused by obesity, continuous physical exertion, acute pancreatitis, anemia, physical factors (radiation, overheating, overcooling, vibration). The reasons of their occurrence can become an infectious disease (flu, SARS, dental caries, chronic tonsillitis, other infections), endocrine disorders (Hyper - and hypofunction of the thyroid gland, impaired function of the pituitary gland), disorders of the liver, kidneys, the impact factors of chemical nature (drugs, industrial and household poisons).

Treatment of dysmetabolic changes in the myocardium

The main symptom of dysmetabolic changes in the myocardium is the discomfort in the heart area. After exercise, chest pain, when walking, exertion and shortness of breath. For diagnosis you must pass EKG, this study will allow to establish the exact pattern of changes. Therapy of dysmetabolic changes should include a range of activities.
At the first suspicion of a particular disease of the cardiovascular system must see a doctor.

In the course of treatment restored cardiac conduction and rhythm, eliminates symptoms of heart failure. The patient should take 3 times a day preparations of potassium salts ("Panangin", "Campagin"). Assign also a solution of potassium chloride, it take a tablespoon 3 times a day. Under existing conduction disorders of the heart, this tool can not be used. Patients with dysmetabolic changes in the myocardium are shown SANATORNO-resort treatment.