Advice 1: How to treat myocarditis

Harmful factors causing loss of muscle fibers of the heart, lead to the development of severe pathological conditions. One of them is myocarditis – a disease resulting from degeneration of the myocardium.
How to treat myocarditis

That leads to the development of the disease

Myocarditis – dystrophic changes of the myocardium, characterized by the growth of fibrous bands in the intermuscular tissue. Typically, this condition develops after suffering myocarditis (inflammation of the heart), which is a common complication of many infectious diseases. When it is severe irreversible changes occur: the normal muscle tissue is replaced by connective, is not able to contract and conduct electrical impulses.

The symptoms of the disease

Myocarditis often occurs in a latent form, under the guise of the common cold, and myocarditis revealed much later. The characteristic symptoms are manifested with the appearance of the heart in dystrophic sites in which the disturbed processes of holding and generating electrical impulses. In this case, patients complain of fatigue, shortness of breath, lower extremity swelling, disruption of cardiac activity, strong tremors in the chest. If miocardiotita affected the sinoatrial node, responsible for the production of pulses, there may be a decreased heart rate (bradycardia), which will be shown in the sudden deterioration of health, dizziness and loss of consciousness. Sometimes this disease is completely transparent to the patient and does not lead to serious consequences, it all depends on the area and the localization of the affected myocardial regions.

How to diagnose myocarditis

The most informative is the implementation of the ECG, including daily monitoring. This survey method provides an opportunity to identify existing arrhythmia, including periodic.

To establish miocardiotita widely used ultrasound, during which it is possible to detect the affected areas of the myocardium, which differ in their structure from normal tissues.

A biopsy is the most dangerous method of investigation to confirm the diagnosis carried out in exceptional cases.

Treatment of the disease

Myocarditis can manifest itself in different ways: some patients – healthy people, and others with disabilities. But, in any case, treatment is only symptomatic, including therapy for congestive heart failure and arrhythmias. Unfortunately, no specific medications to restore the heart muscle does not exist. Unsuccessful medical treatment of life-threatening bradycardia has to decide about the implantation of a pacemaker. The development of valve disease in some cases is the reason for surgical intervention.

Advice 2 : How to treat the bradycardia and the

Referred to as bradycardia slowing of the heart rate to 50 and less strokes per minute. The body loses oxygen and the necessary nutrients for proper functioning of all organs and systems. Bradycardia is physiological and pathological. Physiological not pose a threat to the body, it occurs at rest (sleep), when pressure on the carotid artery, for example, a tie, while taking heart medications – beta-blockers.
How to treat the bradycardia and the
You will need
  • Prepare the following components for the treatment of bradycardia:
  • - young shoots of pine;
  • - vodka;
  • - dead bees.
For the treatment of physiological bradycardia prepare the next infusion. Take 60 grams of young shoots of pine and pour 300 ml of vodka. Put infuse in the sun for 10 days. Take 20 drops 20 minutes before meals three times a day.
Dead bees is a great product. Folk healers recommend its intake and bradycardia. Take a glass of dead bees, put in half-liter jar, fill to top with vodka or 45% alcohol. Insist 21 days in a dark place, shaking occasionally. Then filter the infusion, raw squeeze. Take a tablespoon, diluted in 50 ml of water. The course of treatment – a month, then a month break, and then you can repeat the treatment.
You should know that acquired bradycardia can be the result of diseases of the endocrine system, inflammatory diseases of the heart muscle, age-related sclerotic heart disease, etc. In this case, you need treatment of the underlying disease and not treatment of TMJ.
Useful advice
If a person his entire life was a rare pulse, this was just a feature of the organism and of special concern do not be. You should lead a healthy way of life, to respect the principles of a healthy diet: limit sweets, animal fats, foods rich in cholesterol. To include in your diet more foods rich in calcium, vitamins and minerals (tops of veggies, dairy products, oranges, celery, mint, marine products). With bradycardia contraindicated: baked potatoes, honey, apricots, dried apricots, cherries, currants, cherries, cranberries, peaches.

Advice 3 : How to treat shortness of breath

Shortness of breath is not an independent disease, but a nasty symptom of several ailments. So to fix it should be to begin to find out and eliminate the cause. But it is not always possible to completely cure the disease resulting in shortness of breath. In this case we have to deal with it as such.
How to treat shortness of breath
From not too severe dyspnea help hot foot bath. Steam feet or put on the soles of mustard, while take Nospanum, papaverine or aminophylline, as a result, the attack will soon pass.
If shortness of breath is strong, it can be fought by inhalation. Buy drugs for asthmatics and do inhalations of these funds. Also help when severe shortness of breath salbutamol and ventolin, they relax bronchi and normalize the function of the respiratory system, thus practically harmless.
More effective drugs such as berotek, alupent and actopan. But they have a serious side effect: the first can cause severe muscle tremors, the other two sometimes lead to heart disorder.
If you are already suffering from dysfunction of cardiac activity while experiencing shortness of breath, the condition can facilitate the remedy on the basis of isoprenaline. All of them, improving the respiratory apparatus, gently operate on the heart muscle. However, these drugs should not be taken during ischemia.
When not helping inhalation drugs, these same tools can be administered in the form of injection subcutaneously, intravenously or intramuscularly. However, doing it yourself in any case impossible, the dosage and method prescribed by your doctor.
Severe attacks of shortness of breath cropped with the help of adrenaline. It is administered usually subcutaneously, 0.4-0.5 ml. Contraindications – hypertension, and high patient age (over 60 years).
If severe dyspnea does not help any of the funds listed above, require hospitalization. Call an ambulance and go to hospital. Before sending them to the hospital the doctor usually injects a medicine from the group of glucocorticoids: gidrokortizon, dexamethasone, etc. These drugs are not required to be in the form of injections, you can take a pill or inhalation.
Is that the cause of the dyspnea is a banal Allergy. In this case, you just need to eliminate the irritant – pollen, pet dander, dust, etc. should Also drink an antihistamine, and apply strengthen the immune system medications.
Shortness of breath often is a concomitant symptom of an allergic reaction that affects the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract. In this case, to conduct an independent treatment of folk remedies shortness of breath dangerous to the life of the patient. To treat shortness of breath folk remedies can be used only if it appears ad hoc, i.e. after a run or a experience of excitement.
Useful advice
How to cure shortness of breath? And where are the diseases? Here, for example, shortness of breath. What it is, they know everything. With her there is a feeling of lack of air when breathing, and she's talking about certain irregularities in the process of respiration. Folk remedies, how to cure shortness of breath. In the same way as we treat heart without drugs, Healthy life offers to go to traditional methods in the treatment of dyspnea.

Advice 4 : What medications are used to treat heart arrhythmia

Arrhythmia of the heart is characterized by a broken rhythm, frequency and sequence of contractions of the myocardium. The treatment of this disease depends on the root cause of its appearance, from the symptoms and frequency of attacks.
What medications are used to treat heart arrhythmia

Drugs for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias

Treatment of cardiac arrhythmias in the first place should be aimed at eliminating its causes. If cardiac contractions were caused by diseases of the cardiovascular system - hypertension, coronary artery disease or heart attack, the patient is assigned to beta-blockers ("Pindolol", "Celiprolol", "Nebivolol", "Betaxolol", "Metoprolol", "Carvedilol"). These drugs lower blood pressure and help reduce the number of cardiac contractions. It should be borne in mind that they can cause choking, so they are not prescribed for bronchial asthma and other chronic diseases of the respiratory organs.

To treat arrhythmias of all types often use Cordaron". The drug is taken during the first two weeks after an attack of arrhythmia. "Cordaron" do not use with bradycardia with a pulse not exceeding 50 beats per minute, atrioventricular heart block, during pregnancy, in human bronchi, thyroid gland. In such cases, patients are prescribed "Verapamil", "Digoxin", "Adenosine".

In ventricular form of arrhythmia used "Flecainide", "Propafenon". If the exacerbation of the disease was delayed, for thinning blood flow prescribed anticoagulants "Heparin", "enoxaparin", "Fondaparinux". Subcutaneous injection of these drugs do within 7 days. They are introduced to the region about the navel twice a day. After a course of injections taken orally tablets of Warfarin to prevent the formation of blood clots. To protect the heart from ischemia, for his food and to the normalization of metabolic processes in the body the patient is prescribed "Mildronat", "Asparkam", "Riboksin", "Panangin", "Arinet", "Kokarboksilazu".

Medicines for the relief of arrhythmia

Cupping permanent atrial fibrillation apply "Metoprolol", "Bisoprolol", "Atenolol (beta-blockers), antagonists potassium "Verapamil" or "Warfain", during their reception it is necessary to constantly monitor the blood clotting. Patients with arrhythmia, it is recommended to carry soothing medicinal products "Valerian", "sage". Be useful products based on hawthorn - "Crotal", "Correvit", "Cardiofit". The medicines which have been prescribed by a doctor, must be taken at the same time. The pills should be water as the rest of the liquid affect the metabolism of drugs and their absorption. It is important to monitor the amount of drugs and stock up on them for the future.

Advice 5 : How to treat bradycardia

Bradycardia – decrease of heart rate. The reason lies in the pathology of age-related changes, the presence of diseases of the cardiovascular system. Treatment of bradycardia should be done under the supervision of a cardiologist.
How to treat bradycardia
Bradycardia accompanied by dizziness, frequent fainting state, difficulty breathing, pain in the left side of the chest, dizziness, fatigue. Treatment can reduce symptoms and normalize the heart rate.

Treatment of TMJ

Before proceeding to the treatment of bradycardia, need to figure out what was causing it. If pathology minor, special treatment is required to normalize the pulse by the use of herbal decoctions. If bradycardia is a symptom of the disease, the treatment is carried out by assigning a course of therapy with the use of drugs, corrective carbohydrate metabolism, electrolyte balance, and eliminating the lack of oxygen in the patient's blood.

In cases where bradycardia is a serious danger, leading to poor circulation, we recommend taking drugs with antiarrhythmic properties. Independently use these tools as they can cause serious side effects.

When treatment does not progress, shows a surgical intervention. His goal is implantation of a pacemaker that regulates the heart rate.

Treatment of bradycardia

The use of herbs in the treatment of bradycardia helps to normalize pulse. To apply the fees only after the permission of the doctor.

You can prepare a remedy consisting of lemon, garlic and honey. 10 fresh lemon, cut into several pieces and pour boiling water. A moment later, the fruits removed from the water and squeeze out the juice from them. 10 heads of garlic are cleaned from the skin and wipe to a mushy state. In a glass container mixed garlic puree, lemon juice and a liter of honey.

Within 10 days vehicle must infuse in a cool dark place. It is recommended to take 4 teaspoons, slowly dissolving, 1 times a day. The course of treatment will be 3months. To repeat a course, you will be in a year. Before taking the mix be sure to mix.

Good effect observed in the use of infusion of yarrow. 15 grams of dry herb brewed Cup of boiling water and continue heating the medium to simmer for 20 minutes. The drink needs to steep at room temperature for 2 hours. Drink a tablespoon of the tincture 3 times a day.
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