People often resort to conspiracies to deal with any issues that a natural way to solve difficult. For example, financial issues such as buying a home, when you try to solve them with the help of conspiracy have, in most cases, a good result.

Plots for sale

For sale house there are many conspiracies – they must choose depending on the situation, that is its appropriate meaning. If the house should sell quickly, if you want to get a good price to sell a house with a bad location, to speed up the process of registration of documents and for these and for other cases there is a suitable plot.
Any a plot for sale of a house involves getting rid of something, say it on the waning moon.

To accelerate the sales necessary to wash the floors in all the rooms from one bucket without changing the water. Her hexit: "Four corners, Domino, and my house, disown you, from the door locks from the house and four corners. Who the money I will bring one myself have you back. Amen."

Water poured onto the street beyond the yard. Point should be chosen such that no one on the road is not met.

Another plot for a quick sale. Mix in a separate large bowl, 0.5 cups of salt, sugar and rice. Stick to the center of the vessel a pin, a mixture of slander: "do Not evil men, and good, prosperity and happiness sell what I don't need. Yourself, God's servant (name), will become necessary. Amen. So be it!"
During the conspiracy, we must clearly recognize that the procedure of selling a home is already running, regret it should not be.

Zagovornye the mixture should be put at the entrance to the house in such a place that it is not conspicuous. After the sale of the house necessary to give charity to six needy; a container of rice, sugar and salt should be buried in a deserted place.

The plots for the successful sale of the house to get a good price

The simplest plot is the hex on the broom. To tell better at night, about 3 hours. "I SOR sweep, sweep, buyers to his beat. First coming, second coming, third buy, take. Amen."

Broom, who spoke thus, it is necessary to sweep the house when engaged in the dawn. Repeat the procedure three days.

Another plot for a successful sale: "the window of my bright, gilded thresholds, posts Yes Matica twisted. Admire Yes bargain. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit, Amen."

All plots for sale should only be spoken by the seller. With proper selection of the plot and the respect of all actions, more and more people quickly and quite successfully in terms of price to sell the property.