Features of development of the child two years

Special attention in the first years of baby's life should be given weight and height of the child because, often, how much you weigh your child on the first year of life will depend on his weight in the future. If the child already at this age appears overweight, most likely, it has the possibility that he will suffer from excess weight and in subsequent years.
The same applies to children with deficiency of body weight.

Two year old kids are very active and mobile in summer and winter, so it is very important during this period of child development to observe his daily routine, because active baby's just need to rest a day, and eating at a certain time helps his appetite.

How much should weigh two year old child

No pediatrician will not give an accurate response to the question about how much should weigh the baby every two years. It happens because the weights and growth of all children individually. But still there are certain parameters that determines the development of the child.
Deviation from these parameters is not more than 7% are the norm.

In the first year of life in babies intensive growth and increase in body weight, with the standards of the boys are somewhat different from the norms of development in girls.

For the first year of life, boys ideally add around seven pounds, and girls – about six pounds. In subsequent years, the rate of weight gain is somewhat reduced.

The child, who recently turned 2 years old, should weigh about 13 pounds. But it is necessary to repeat that weight exactly the same as the growth is individual. Nevertheless, the body weight of the kid in 2 years should not exceed 14 pounds and not be less than 11 pounds, otherwise, the child has deviations – or underweight, or overweight.

Also keep in mind that due to the fact that children at this age, increased activity, their weight can vary, not only to increase but to decrease. If no abrupt changes are more likely to worry about it not worth it. But if you notice a dramatic increase in child's weight – the weight of sharply increased or decreased, you should seek the advice of a pediatrician.

Very often parents are faced with this situation, when the weight of the baby drastically different from the norms. In this case, it is necessary to properly assess the diet of their child, perhaps to reconsider his diet.