Advice 1: How to distinguish a male budgerigar female

Budgies hold a special place among Pets. Funny, cute, talkative, they become great friends child and adult, brighten the leisure time of family members or single people. To parrots entertained and kept the ability to reproduce at a certain age they can pick up a pair. To do it right will help some tips for sexing budgerigars.

How to distinguish a male budgerigar female

How to distinguish a male budgerigar from females: appearance

The most common way to distinguish the male budgerigar from females is to examine the cere of birds. The cere is a leathery color formation in the upper part of the bird's beak. As a rule, males have a cere is blue or purple in color, while females are brown or grey.

However, this method of definition will help only in case if the parrot turned at least 1.5 months. Chicks infant age to determine the sex by the cere is not possible, because it later changes color. Often the male in infancy has a pink cere, and the female blue.

In addition, females around the nostrils there is banding, it is usually bright. Legs of females budgies pink.

How to determine the sex of the wavy parrot behavior

If you are somewhat confused and can't figure out how to distinguish the male budgies and female, can be a time to study together. To determine the sex of the bird, observe her behavior.

Males are usually more outgoing, agile and determined. They behave more aggressive as the males of different species. This is especially noticeable during the mating period, when the parrot defends his female from strangers. At other times males wavy parrot more noisy, talking. In addition, they try to imitate their masters.

In turn, females behave much more modestly and quietly. They can be taught to speak in rare cases, and with greater effort. However, during the mating period, females also are capable to show aggression. For males, they are more supportive, but reserved. However, courtship females take pleasure in.

What you will need to buy for budgies

Having learned how to distinguish the male budgerigar from females, and to determine the selection of birds, you will need to provide your future pet with a suitable place of stay in your house. First of all, you should purchase a cage. House for budgies should be simple and quite spacious. For two parrots better suited to a triangular or square cage is 60x40 cm

When choosing a suitable dwelling for the feathered look on the side walls. If you have no desire and opportunity every day to remove the lint, hulls, and feathers all over the room, it is better to take a cage with high walls. It is desirable that they be transparent and allow you to monitor the bird and keep around clean.

The most suitable material for the cage will be stainless steel or polymer coating. Frames made of wood can suit the tastes of a parrot, but they can lead to deformation of the cabin. In addition, quite difficult to deduce from this material parasites. Don't forget 1 time per month to produce the disinfecting procedure, enveloping the cage with boiling water. Of course, before that you must first produce a feathered friend for a walk around the apartment.

Selecting the most suitable house for your future pet, do not forget to buy a bowl, food, mirrors, toys, etc. currently there is a lot of accessories that can brighten up leisure of your feathered friend during your absence.

Budgies need to love and to spoil you with warm care and patience to treat him. And then he will delight you with his cheerful mood.

Advice 2 : How to distinguish female from male

When buying decorative animals is sometimes very difficult to distinguish males from females. And sometimes only taking a few animals, after a time you discover that you have in the cage two being gay. Is it possible to distinguish them at an early age? Consider the method applicable to decorative rodents.
How to distinguish female from male
To learn how to distinguish a female from a male, consider the sexual characteristics of animals, for example chinchillas. The same method can be used and the choice of hamsters.
Take your animal in the hands, upper torso and head put on your palm, and hold with the thumb of that hand. The back part to hang freely. Lightly support it with your other hand.
Now go on to study the external genitalia of the animal. At first glance they are very similar. Even the adult males you will not be able to detect the eggs, which are hidden under the skin. So look closely at the distance between the urethra genitals in the animals and their anus. Anus chinchillas, and other animals is located closer to the tail. And then comes the penis of the male urethra or the female. If the distance is almost imperceptible, it seems that the two holes a little if not merge, then it's a female. They have the anus and urethra very close to each other.
If between the holes there is a pretty noticeable gap, then it is male. Males chinchillas distance between the anus and the sexual organ is about 3-4 mm.
You can also look to an adult. Sometimes a female appears larger in the male. But this symptom may not always be accurate. There are males of considerable size.
The behavior of animals is also unlikely to identify their gender. Is that before mating, the male performs a hopping motion, as if trying to jump onto a female. But it also does not give a 100% guarantee – sometimes very frisky females that jump is exactly the same.
Usually in a pair dominates the female. She is more active, more mobile. But it all depends on the particular species, its temperament and habits.
But the color to determine the sex of your animal just will not succeed. Chinchillas do not have differences in color, as expressed, for example, a bird or some fish.
Useful advice
When buying animal look to his behavior, size and other characteristics.
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