Irreplaceable thing – a laptop for student. Study without it is almost unreal. But in order to choose the gadget that would be best for the student, you need to compare several firms. For consideration, you can take two of the most popular laptop manufacturers.

Selection criteria

For the student it is necessary to know which parameters to select a computer:

- the performance of the laptop;
- functionality and ease of use;
- media properties;
- the ratio of price and quality.

In terms of price, it is clear that it must be not very high. Not all students can afford to purchase an expensive device because they always have no money. That is, when deciding what brand to choose, you need to start from cheap prices but top quality.

You also need to pay attention to the screen. It should be no more than 14 inches. The bigger the laptop the worse it is. And considering that it will need all the time to carry the joy it will bring.

Comparative analysis

Just according to these criteria, the undisputed leader – Lenovo Idea Pad S400. He has a 14-inch screen. It is lightweight and inexpensive. The minimum equipment consists of:

processor Intel Celeron 887 1.5 GHz;
- 4 GB of memory;
- hard drive memory of 320 GB;
- integrated graphics.

Such equipment is good enough to play games, work with text and watching movies. Usually for a student that is enough. But, if you need a more powerful computer, then there is a second version of Lenovo S400.

Modifications further include a Core i5 processor and discrete Radeon 7450M graphics. And he has a huge number of various modifications. That is, the more money you have, the more features the laptop can pick up.

But the ASUS VivoBook S400CA is one of the affordable ultrabooks. That is, it is great to students on the parameters of price and ease of use. It is equipped with:

processor IntelCore i5-3317U with integrated HD Graphics 4000;
- 4 GB OF DDR3;
- a bunch of drives 320+24 GB (HDD+SSD).

Its weight is the same as the Lenovo – 1.8 kg. a Distinctive feature of the laptop is touch 14-inch screen. Other parameters are the same as with all ultrabooks.

Guidelines on choosing a lot. Pay particular attention to the laptop which you purchase. If you want to use it not only for work but also for gaming, do not forget about powerful graphics card.

Student laptop needs to cope with all tasks that may arise in the learning process. This is taken into account, so you do not suffer from a lack of resources.