First of all, to understand that ultrabooks are the most modern creation of the company Intel. Their power is no less than the computers, as they are efficient, fast processor and led screen. They do not have an optical drive and are inferior to PCs in price. At the same time, similar to the tablets that are the same portable.
To choose the right ultrabook, please note the following important details: the size of the hard disk, the battery performance and screen quality. As well as the reliability of the design, susceptibility of the keyboard, design and, of course, the cost.
Distinguish ultrabooks on size of RAM. The SSD drive really allows the laptop to boot very quickly, but the operating system consumes about 50 GB of space. Therefore, to install additional applications, you need more space.
Choose maximum battery performance. Best ultrabook can go a whole day without recharging. It will be absolutely useless if will be chained to the charger.
Consider the strength of the material from which it is made. Because the display has a very fine structure, it is desirable that the hull was not made of plastic, aluminum or carbon fiber.
Pay attention to colour reproduction and reliability of the glass of the monitor. This high pixel density, contrast, brightness, presence of a special protective Gorilla glass Glassи and anti-reflective coating.
Keyboard prefer one that is sensitive enough. The wrists should be comfortably placed. Besides, it would be nice that the keys highlighted.
Ultrabook cost shall not exceed the price of the underlying, Macbooc Air. To spend more money, you will need a very powerful argument.
Ultrabooks different companies have their strengths and weaknesses. So come to the choice individually, taking into account the desired features. If the user likes to play computer games and work with video, and therefore power, and screen resolution should be high enough.
Most popular and authoritative magazine about technology Stuff conducted its own independent testing ultrabooks from different manufacturers. The top five in descending order includes the following: Apple macBook Air 11, Asuszenbookux31, aser Aspire S3, Sony Vaio Z, Samsungseries 9.
Choose Apple macBook Air 11, if you like to play games with high settings. It has excellent OS, great design, clear screen, speed and backlit keys. But therefore has greater value.
Asuszenbookux31 in addition to all these advantages is more favourable price, but also low-contrast screen. Therefore, the settings of the games you can only bet low. However, this ultrabook will be able for 10 days to work in standby mode.
The aser Aspire S3 has an impressive storage space, quick functionality, a good price, but the body he plastic and the screen is mediocre and the design loses the first two models.
Sony Vaio Z has the best screen and the external video card for gaming, but weak housing and high cost.
Samsungseries 9 is the owner of a very slim design, bright screen, nice design and anti-reflective coatings. Disadvantage is that the plastic surrounding of the keyboard. And the power of the processor is also inferior to the first competitors.
Consider the warranty of your purchase. It usually does not exceed one year. In some cases, for example the developers of HP Envy 14 Spectre, is the guarantee to two years. Don't ignore connectivity ultrabook more devices.