You will need
  • user guides for different models of laptops;
  • - descriptions on the Internet, lists of technical specifications;
  • - special literature.
Determine your own needs. The laptop is primarily a portable computers, providing the user a lot of opportunities to work. That is why buying it makes sense only if there is a need for mobility. In other words, if you take it with you or you are going to use the laptop for presentations "on foreign soil". Portable equipment will be to the point and in that case, if there is a desire to change the place when working with it. For example, many people like to work with a laptop lying on the sofa or curl up in the rocking chair in front of spreading waves of heat fireplace. But the role of the primary computing device laptop strongly not good, especially if you need high quality audio and video when you work with video editing, sound processing in real time, mixing tracks and other difficult tasks. For this you need a powerful desktop computer.
To perform most office tasks is enough inexpensive low-power laptop or even netbook. However, you must keep in mind that in some cases when this is useful numeric keypad section keyboard which is missing on the netbooks and in some cheap laptops. At the same time, they allow the user to view the video, start simple toys to roam the Internet, but without much comfort.
Great value for working with a laptop has installed on it an operating system. When you select a device in the cabin so you need to pay attention mandatory. The operating system should be the most modern, because the developers are committed to improving their software products and with each new version of the system becomes better, more reliable and safer. Why buy gadgets from Windows 8, and even better in Windows 8.1. However, Microsoft provides users free updates to the latest version. It is not necessary to buy the device with pre-installed Linux — Ubuntu or FreeBSD because they do not give a hundredth of the capabilities of the system from Microsoft. In addition, not always this will work, for example, a Wi-Fi module or webcam. In no case do not buy a laptop without a preinstalled system, even though it costs a couple thousand less. Still have to buy the system to find the correct driver or to charge it all to the master. Of course, you can use a pirated copy of the OS, but it's against the law, and therefore is not an acceptable option.
Pay attention to screen size and picture quality. Large screen in many cases much easier small, and high image quality means greater comfort and less eye fatigue. Good clarity, sufficient brightness and color — the key to pleasant communication with a portable computer.
There are other things that you should look for when choosing the best (for me) laptop. Comfortable keyboard, better islet type, the presence of the module BlueTooth, Wi-Fi, the location of the connectors for headphones, ports, controls — you need to evaluate everything. And finally, the most important thing. This is the amount of RAM, size of hard disk, number of cores and processor frequency.