The main features of the rooms-studios

Studio room is an apartment with almost no walls – it is separated only bathroom, while the bedroom, kitchen, living room are in the same room. On the one hand, it opens up great opportunities for realization of ideas: you can change the layout and arrange the furniture in its sole discretion, to erect and remove mobile partitions, screens, curtains. On the other hand, there is a considerable number of problems: smells from the kitchen will always be in the bedroom and in the living room, the household is not there is a special personal space, and the guests that come into the house, see all the private areas, unless you separate them with the screen.

Studio rooms are usually small, but because they have no walls, it is possible to save money and living space. Moreover, this layout makes the house much more spacious compared to the apartments with a larger area, but divided into many rooms.

In most cases, the studios initially have a free plan. This was achieved due to special engineering solutions. However, it is sometimes possible to transform an ordinary apartment into the Studio, dismantling the wall. This is only possible in some apartment buildings with a minimum load-bearing walls.

To fit the room-Studio

Studio room – a great option for people who live alone, as well as for young couples. It is easy to clean, it is spacious and comfortable. Thanks to the freedom plan and lack of walls, you can cook in the kitchen and while watching TV located in the living room. This option is good for people who do not like monotony, because to change the interior of the Studio at least once a week. Adding folding partition, you can even adjust the design and layout every day. In addition, the Studio is easy when you need to turn into a large dining room or living room, if you plan to hold a festive meal or party.

However, this variant, there are "contraindications". It is not recommended for families with children as to arrange a convenient baby such planning will be very difficult. Even harder to get along in the Studio to three generations or just large families where everyone needs their personal space. Open "rooms" in this case will cause discomfort, and perhaps quarrels, scandals.