If you decide to arrange the living space for the type of apartment-Studio, is to do everything gradually. Then a guaranteed high quality result. To start with the space. When you get an empty room, there are two ways: build walls and partitions or to zone an area of more original ways. As soon as the scales inclined to the latter option, you can start the construction of studios.
When building a Studio apartment you can face a lot of problems, so you should not rely on the simplicity and seeming ease. People without creative thinking should turn to the professional designers. Otherwise, you'll have a room with a huge number of things.
Once you believe in your power and a rich imagination, take paper and pencil and start planning. You first need to highlight the area. To accomplish this, you can use the levels, stairs, niches, various construction materials that differentiate the flooring, etc. In a pinch, you can afford a plasterboard wall, a bookshelf in the middle of the room or screens.
You must allocate a Central place in the apartment. Will it be a bedroom, kitchen or dining room, it depends on you. Try to leave a little space around each zone. This will hold the invisible corridors. The apartment should not receive the impression that you sleep on the stove, and cook on the coffee table. Everything has to be zoned.
The part of the apartment, where guests will sit, should be particularly noticeable. You can put carpet under the feet, to place the semicircle sofas and chairs etc. This place can be separated from bedroom with bookshelves, which creates a certain atmosphere of intimacy. So as not to draw attention to your bed, you need to make the bedroom very modest and inconspicuous.