Start your design with the entrance area. Visually highlight the hallway is a small area near the front door. From the living area it is possible to separate the floor texture and lighting. Lay at the threshold of several major ceramic tiles. The ceiling at the entrance it is possible to artificially understate – then the main living area will seem larger. Complete your hallway in dark colors, and the room is bright.
Close to the entrance area, place built-in wardrobe, which can accommodate the whole family closet. It is desirable that the Cabinet was less noticeable as possible. Very good solution – sliding mirrored doors, forming a solid wall and visually expand the space. Instead of bulky dressers set a narrow Shoe Cabinet or bookcase that can be used as a stand for bags, umbrellas and other details.
Floors in living area cover with laminate, parquet or carpet "under the plinth". A recreation area can allocate a small Mat suitable tone. On light very elegant look floor mats, braided rugs and imitation of animal skins. Selection of either option depends on the overall style decision apartment.
In the color design of a residential area bet on contrasts. On the background of bright walls will look spectacular bright red chair or a deep yellow sofa with Navy blue pillows. Do not overdo it with bright objects in a small room enough of two or three contrasting spots.
Decorate the room narrow cabinets to the ceiling. They can be made to order or make your own. The abundance of open shelves will put them on all sorts of decorative items that adorn the room. However, such shelves require flawless procedure and frequent cleanups.
The perfect solution for a small room – glass furniture. Coffee table, bedside table near the sofa or tempered glass shelves give the interior a lightness and uniqueness. Choose clear or tinted models in different shades.
Highlight the kitchen area. For Studio fit natural wood furniture or imitations. It will harmoniously fit into the interior living room and will not look alien. Floor near kitchen place Mat ceramic tiles. To install ceiling spotlights. Separate the kitchen area from the living room table and chairs or a Breakfast bar complete with high stools.
Utensils, Cutlery, cutting boards and other kitchen equipment clean inside of cabinets. Outside you can leave the coffee machine, cocktail shaker or another stylishly made household appliances. The kitchen area should resemble not so much a place for family dinners, how many small cafes.
Special attention will be bath. The door to the bathroom – practically the only one in the apartment. The interior will blend with light paneled door with frosted glass. Instead of a bath install a shower cubicle. Enter into the interior of a washing machine and a narrow Cabinet for towels and other bath products.