If you are the lucky owner of the apartment-Studio, consider your repair. There is valuable every inch, so the rule "measure twice, cut once" becomes dominant. Primarily zoned space. Select a location for the kitchen, bedroom and wardrobe.
Order your wardrobe. It can significantly save space. Typically, these cabinets do from the floor to the ceiling, which allows efficient use of all vertical space and distribute all things, without creating clutter in the attic. In addition, pick the closet good content — drawers, clothes hangers, hangers for trousers and outerwear will help you to neatly stow all the stuff and save space.
Highlight different zones of different Wallpaper and flooring. In the area of work and leisure bed modern and practical laminate in the kitchen make tile floor. Maybe even heated. Since the space of the apartment-Studio is small, then the heating will cost you quite inexpensive. Choose not the brand Wallpapers for the kitchen and solid for the room.
Avoid dark colours — this will visually make your apartment even less. And bright Wallpaper, floor and ceiling, by contrast, will expand the space. Also this will help the mirror. Order your mirror doors for wardrobe. Do not purchase the Wallpaper with a small figure, they conceal the space. And refrain from a Central light, it will accentuate a small area. Give preference to small lamps in each zone.
Separate zones from each other with the help of furniture. Do not use Soviet stereotype zoning of the apartment, when, in order to free up some space, all the furniture placed along the walls. A bar can be a good alternative to the kitchen table and separate the cooking area. And the sofa is not up against the wall, can be not only a sleeping place, but also a kind of partition.
Use the walls in order to accommodate lockers for books and shelves. For example, place shelves at eye level, and below position the sofa. Refrain from further floor cupboards.