One of the most popular books are "Star wars", which were recorded on paper after the film was released. Fantasy Saga made by Director George Lucas, has gained such great fame that it was written not only books, but also scripts of TV series, cartoons, video games and comics. Tom's "Star wars" are on the shelf almost every fan fiction books are basically modern classical literature.

In addition, there is a large number of books, supplementing or continuing the story of "Star wars."

No less popular are the books in the iconic "Terminator", which the publishers have released the whole series. Fans of cyborg from the future to this day to holes read the novels of Michael Stirling, Aaron Allston and Timothy Zahn, which were published from 2001 to 2010. After his triumphal March across the planet "the Terminator" spawned a lot of novels, and literary backgrounds, branches, and clarification of the original film.

Adventure and romance

A lot of short stories, novels and books have been written on the film "Conan the barbarian", in which the main role was played by a young Arnold Schwarzenegger. Immediately after the release of the film he was novellserver Lyons Spraga de Camp. In 2011, Conan raised again performed by Jason Momoa, and in the same year, his book on the new film released writer Michael Austin Stackpole.

Each of the books about Conan the barbarian is famous for its absolute self-sufficiency and embodiment of interesting adaptations on the paper.

Books "Pirates of the Caribbean" allowed fans of the franchise, to complement and continue the story, adapting it in the literature under the youngest children. The main hero of the books on this film, of course, is unsinkable captain Jack Sparrow, whose film adaptation brought the brilliant johnny Depp. Today, there are 12 books about the adventures of Jack Sparrow and 5 books about the legends of the Pirate brotherhood, designed for a young audience.

Popular book on the same film are "Four weddings and a funeral", written by a tandem of Richard Curtis and cherry Gilchrist. It is considered one of the best books ever novellierung based on the film. Especially "Four weddings and a funeral love fans of Hugh Grant, on the shelves where this book takes pride of place.