Read detective novels. Analyze the structure of the books, the characters. Pay attention to the style of the author and the correlation between replicas, descriptions of interiors and activities. It is useful to read and literary works devoted to writing detective stories.
Collect impressions. Personal experience is the main source of inspiration. Even if your mystery come from another galaxy, the logic of events and actions must be understood by your future readers.
Write down all ideas and thoughts in a special notebook. Try to write down every idea on a new sheet, it is better approximately in the order in which fill in the events and plot. Do not threaten at once on a large form. Start with subjects that can be deployed a maximum of ten printed pages.
Every day write one page of text (about 4000 characters without spaces). If you have the desire to write more, don't limit yourself. If you want to write less, overpower yourself and write. The next day, re-read everything written, and ruthlessly cut out what seems unnecessary. Add necessary, change phrases and words.
For the lucky ones possessing literary talent, the preparatory stage can take up to six months, and actually writing the works for about a week. The first experience may differ significantly in timing. Be prepared to work for a long time.
During the work on the detective read svezhenanesenny head friends that you trust. Listen to their opinion, correct the flaws that they notice. Generally try to look at your work through the eyes of the reader.