Personal page – way to all the changes

No matter how you decided to diversify your profile in the social network Vkontakte, where "hanging out" hundreds of thousands of users all ages, all changes can be applied only once on the personal page. To log in to your account, you need on the main page in the respective fields to login that you used during registration and password. The role typically performs the login email address that you specified while creating the page. Password – a kind of cipher, ensuring the security of your personal data on the website. From time to time it is recommended to change.

After clicking the "Sign in" button. You can also save the link on your personal Facebook page in bookmarks of your browser. In this case, you will just have to click on the appropriate text boxes. But this method can only be used if access to a computer has one. Otherwise, other users of the PC can be on your page.

Song status is great

In the main window of your page right from your personal pictures – avatars, under the name there is a link "Change status". Click on it and write in the special window, what are you thinking about at the moment. But that's not all: you want to diversify your status tune. And here, you'll need to put a tick next to "Broadcast to the status of playing music." Then click "Save".

That song was playing on your page in the status, on the wall in the section "What's new with you", add the audio you want to listen to. To do this, click on the box with this title and click "Attach" then in the drop down box you will need from your ringtones published on the page, select the ringtone and click the link "Add song". After this will only "Send" it on the wall. Then in the dropdown window that appears when you hover over the melody, select one of the items "Playing the player" or "Play on the page. Choosing the second option, you will automatically send the song to the status. The melody appears under your name and surname. By the way, the change of status you can inform your friends, just use the option Vkontakte, which becomes available when you hover the mouse on the published music file.

Add music to status and other method. Go to their tunes and play a song that you want to set as a status. On the right, locate the icon dynamics and drop-down box, specify where to transmit the selected tone. To add the song to the status you just have to put a tick next to "my page".