Types of maternity benefits and their dependence on earnings

Going on maternity leave, mothers often wonder about what benefits put in this case and what will be their size. It is important to understand that the whole maternity leave is divided into several parts. The duration of the first period is exactly 140 days. In some cases it can be larger. This type of leave shall be granted on the basis of a medical certificate, brought from the antenatal clinic.

The amount of the benefit at the exit of women on leave for pregnancy and childbirth depends on the level of her income for the last 2 calendar years. For example, if a woman goes on maternity leave in 2014, as the basis for calculations will be collected its revenues for 2012 and 2013. Even if the expectant mother throughout this period some time was not working or was on sick leave, still in the calculation of average daily earnings the total income for 2 years divided by the total number of calendar days that is equal to 730.

This allowance shall be paid in a lump sum within 10 days after the expectant mother will bring to work sick list. In an extreme case, the money must be listed in the next issue all workers wage.

After graduating from hospital a young mother has the right to apply for leave to care for a child up to 1,5 years. In this case the benefit will also depend on the income of the woman for the previous 2 calendar years. The employee has the right to receive a cash amount equal to 40% of its monthly earnings.

It is important to understand that the average monthly and the average daily income for these two types of benefits may be different. For benefits to care for a baby need to take into account the 2 calendar years preceding the way out in this kind of holiday. For example, if a woman went to the hospital at the end of 2013, and her child was born in early 2014, for the calculation of sick leave will be taken in 2011 and 2012, and for calculating a subsequent tempering - 2012 and 2013.

If the expectant mother does not agree with the amount paid

It should be noted that the size of all cash payments associated with the departure of the employee on maternity leave, will depend only on the formal wage. Those who receive part of remuneration in "envelopes" will have to try very hard to convince the Manager to pay benefits that are not included in the official calculation.

If the company refuses to make concessions to his colleague, she can prove his innocence in court, but this would be quite difficult. Money issued by "envelope" do not pass through official statements. If the whole income of the woman or part is not taxed, then the insurance company reimburses the employer for the losses related to the payment of maternity leave, therefore, to pay benefits with the "gray" and "black" wages extremely profitable.

After the child reaches 1.5 years, the woman has the right to extend your holiday until the moment when a child turns 3 years. During this period she will also receive benefits, but the size will depend on earnings. This amount is fixed and same for all. Currently its size is only 50 rubles per month.