Advice 1: What is the backlash in the steering

Luft or Luft – literally translated from German means "air". The so-called gap between the elements of the mechanical system associated with the rotation. For example, in the steering system.
What is the backlash in the steering

Signs of backlash

If while driving on your car, you began to point out such unpleasant phenomena as the knocks, excessive vibration, accidental deviation from the path, this may be the result of backlash in the steering. According to the rules of the road, the total clearance vehicle in good condition shall not exceed 10 degrees. But smaller values create some inconvenience and discomfort. Even the smallest backlash tends to grow into a large. Agree, not on a virtually flat road constantly turn the steering wheel left and right. With a large backlash is already called to catch the road."

The reasons for the backlash and detection methods

The main causes of looseness in the steering can be divided into four. They arise as a result of wear of parts during prolonged operation of the vehicle. For example, over time, the joints steering rods of the front wheels are formed and increases the gaps. Their presence and size can be defined visually or tactilely, probing fingers of the details that these joints are connected. In this case, someone needs to dramatically spin the wheel left, then right. Both parts should move synchronously. Alone test, moving hands to the tie rod in the longitudinal direction. There is no backlash if it moves with the bipod. Even with a small clearance hinge needs to be replaced.

The second reason is the increased wear or misalignment. engages the roller and "worm". With a sharp turning steering in the steering mechanism is bugged knock. Also, the defect is detected when shaking the hands of the Pitman arm of the steering gear. Action: adjust or replace parts.

The knock and squeak when turning the wheels, and with rocking of the pendulum arm up and down talking about the wear on the bushings or axle that the idler arm. Try to tighten the nut on the axle. Worn parts require replacement.

Finally, the fourth reason – the loose bracket of an idler arm or Carter. You just need to tighten the appropriate nuts and bolts.

It remains to add that with proper vehicle operation and care of the steering components: periodic lubrication, timely detection and elimination of emerging backlash – all of the mechanisms will last a long time and will not require contingencies to replace them.

Advice 2 : How to eliminate looseness or steering

Backlash steering is particularly pronounced when driving at high speed on a straight road. A malfunction is a knock when turning the steering wheel when turned on or plugged motor.
How to eliminate looseness or steering
Be sure to find the source of the knocking and diagnose the suspension. Then try to tighten the steering rack. Try to find the cause of the backlash. To perform this operation, you definitely need a helper.
Grasp the wheel and start to shake it in different directions within the limits of backlash, at the same time your assistant should carefully watch on the driveshaft near the rail, ball end steering rods on the tight connection of the rods that should go from one to another. This is necessary in order to prevent the transmission of force on the wheel in the longitudinal direction when the crushing front of the car, which can happen during an accident.
Backlash in the rack or worm gear retracts by turning the adjusting screw. Remember that this procedure is feasible only if the steering rack is broken. Replace the propeller shaft – the only way you will be able to eliminate free play in it. Note that the main cause of wear of this part is lack of grease, which is grease.
Carefully tack weld the junction of the rods. The backlash in the coupling of these parts caused by wear on the rubber bands. Ensure that the welding was spot, which will help to contain these two parts when rotating, which will completely eliminate the occurrence of backlash. However, this method will not withstand the forces occurring upon impact during an accident.
Note the ball end, which can be in a broken state. In this case, swipe their replacement or repair. After work be sure to check whether there has been a positive result. Remember that eliminated backlash helm is not only a pleasant and comfortable driving, but also safer.
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