Mobile operator MegaFon provides simple and very popular service called "call for friend's expense", through which you can not worry, if your account runs out of funds. To call for friend's expense, being in the coverage area of MegaFon, dial 000 and a ten-digit number of any subscriber. When consent to the provision of the service, you will be able to make calls even with a negative balance. The per-minute cost of a call will be 3 rubles, regardless of the tariff plan.
Subscribers of MTS there is a possibility to call for friend's expense as part of the services "help me out". Get free call 0880 typing and ten-digit number of your friend. The subscriber will receive the request which he can accept or reject. Funds from his account will be debited in accordance with the applicable tariff.
Beeline subscribers can also make calls at the expense of other users of the services of the operator. Furthermore, this company offers multiple services of this type. For example, the option "call a friend" does not require activation and is free. The charges produced in accordance with the value on-net call to the current tariff plan. 05050 type and number of the desired subscriber. After he approves the request, you will receive a notification about the possibility to make calls at the expense of the other.
Try to use the services of a "Live zero", "Call me" or "replenish my account", which allows to further simplify the process of obtaining assistance from other subscribers. In particular, you will be able to make calls and send SMS at zero balance while the account of a particular subscriber (with his consent) will be charged. You also get the ability to send a quick request to call you back or refill a mobile account. Connectivity options is done per operator, so please check the information on the website Beeline for your region.