You will need
  • - Good lighting in the bedroom;
  • - day mode;
  • - physical activity in the second half of the day;
  • protein a light dinner.
Keep the bedroom well lit. It is no secret that getting up earlier in the morning in the summer is much easier than to get out of bed, when the semi-darkness. When the eyes say that the window is still dark and need to sleep, organism strenuously produces the hormone melatonin, which fills you with fatigue, lethargy and drowsiness. So, Wake up, turn on the powerful lamp.
To Wake up, have a good night's sleep. It is a simple truth somehow easy to forget. Keep the bedroom cool fresh air, shade window, blackout curtains, avoid watching television before bedtime. Your sleep will be strong and meaningful if you forget about the night get-togethers on the Internet or visits to noisy clubs. The bed should be comfortable, linen fresh. These rules are quite easy, the main thing to want.
Train yourself to Wake up at the same time. Even if you have a flexible schedule and occasionally you can allow yourself to sleep, don't be lazy. Get up early every day. Eventually, the body will cease to perceive early awakening as torture, and rise at half past five in the morning will become for you a matter of habit.
In the second half of the day exercise. This will increase your blood level of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). This hormone is responsible for the activity, good mood, energy and alertness. It also controls the body's periods of REM sleep, when the revival becomes very simple and almost instantaneous.
If the problems with early awakening combined with a long lingering depression, depression, feelings of sadness and anger, then visit the doctor. Maybe your body's elevated cortisol levels. This is a stress hormone that suppresses the production of DHEA.
Refrain from sweet and starchy foods for dinner. Vegetables and fruits also will not work. All these products contain high amounts of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates entering the body, raise insulin levels. Insulin in turn inhibits gluconeogenesis. This process of formation of glucose from proteins and fats. Thanks to him, is a complete recovery of the body during sleep and between meals. The result of the high level of insulin in the blood at night time: fatigue, lethargy, fatigue.
Two hours before bedtime, eat a piece of lean meat or fish, drink a glass of yogurt. Cheese, cheese, eggs for dinner as well will contribute to the full relaxation and easy awakening. Proteins needed for your body to recover during sleep.
Make your awakening as comfortable as possible. Prepare from the evening clothes you plan to wear. Instead of frantically rushing around the apartment in search of the second sock, it is better to drink coffee and read an interesting article in the magazine. Prepare in the evening in the fridge on a separate plate a particularly delicious sandwich, refill the coffee maker or kettle, on the table pre-set beautiful Cup. You will be much easier to pull yourself out of bed in anticipation of all those benefits of civilization.
Do not think about the bad, waking up. Thought "Oh, I don't want to go to this goddamn job, to see those sad faces of colleagues and stupid chiefs", is absolutely unproductive and is able to kill any intention to get up in the morning. Think about something pleasant, probably during the day some of the expected joy. For example, a new blouse that you will wear to work or a nice date, or a long-awaited visit to the gym. Find any excuse to open eyes and delight to greet the new day.