You will need
  • Alarm clock, will power.
Decide what you need to get up early in the morning. To be able to repeat entries in the notes before the exam or to prepare a surprise for a loved one, or to do list for the day, do a set of exercises that you have never enough time.
Be sure to say "myself" the time you want to Wake up in the morning. some people have the ability to Wake up in exactly the specified time.
Try to go to bed early, so as not to break the habitual duration of sleep. Then you will be easier to Wake up early in the morning.
Take a walk in the fresh air before bedtime and you'll quickly fall asleep and sleep at night, there is a shift of your temporary sleep will be easier.
In order not to break the alarm at the first sound of trills, use a few tricks. Select the program of the alarm the most enjoyable for you ringtone. To not Wake up with a heavy head at the sound of a car siren. Set the alarm for five minutes earlier than the time when you need to get up to give you time to luxuriate in bed. And, most importantly, put your alarm out of reach, even a few steps away from the bed.
After hearing a Wake-up call, do not begin a dialogue of conscience, laziness, and just get up and go under a cool shower.
When you introduce yourself, you can do the work for which actually arose earlier than usual.