The color and smell of urine reflect the state of the genitourinary system. Any deviations indicate the processes occurring in the body of a pregnant woman. Sometimes the pregnancy and the hormones change the perception of odors, and that never caused the anxiety becomes unbearable. But if you think that your urine smells bad, it is best to inform your gynecologist.

A pregnant woman may experience the unpleasant smell of urine in her urinary. This problem frequently occurs in multiparous women.

As normal smells the urine of a pregnant woman

During pregnancy in the urine contains the hormone HCG. He enables the detection of pregnancy at home with the help of special tests. This hormone produces a growing placenta. He gets in the bloodstream reaches the kidneys, where it should into the bladder. Some women describe it as a strange smell, sweet and even a little sweet. Usually, the urine ceases to exude the smell after a few days after birth.

Causes of bad smell of urine

If the urine smells like acetone, this may indicate inflammatory processes in the bladder, where urine stagnates. Especially the sharp acetone smell is urine with early morning sickness if pregnant suffering from vomiting and refuses to eat. In this case, the body uses its own proteins and fats as source of energy. The products of their decomposition, and give an odor. But in the later stages the smell of acetone should be cause for concern, because it may indicate this disease, as diabetes.

The smell of urine can give an intense vaginal discharge. Perhaps we are talking about the violation of the microflora.

The rotting smell of urine may indicate the withering away of the cellular tissue in the bladder, for example, when ablating tumors. And the fecal smell of urine gets rectal fistula when urine get pieces of feces. Fortunately, these diseases occur if, then very rarely does a woman know about them long before pregnancy.

Unpleasant smell of urine can also be due to consumption of hot spices. For example, horseradish, fresh onions and garlic give a fetid, pungent smell of urine. Analyze your diet. But in any case it is necessary to pass a urinalysis, especially if in addition to smell you see changes in urine color or consistency.