Inflamed bladder: symptoms

During pregnancy the risk of developing cystitis increases. The reason for this lies in the physiological peculiarities of the female body: the urethra is located close to the rectum, so the risk of infection it is always very great. In the period of carrying a child the probability of this is further increased under the influence of hormonal changes in the body. The pressure of the growing uterus on the kidneys and bladder can cause disruptions of the normal flow of urine from the body, and if associated infection, the inflammation will rise up, with affected kidneys. In this case, they will not be able to perform normally its functions and to filter the blood, cleaning it from toxins.

Pain while urinating is a sign of acute cystitis, i.e. urinary bladder inflammation. Its appearance is connected with hypothermia. In some cases, the cause of cystitis may serve as an aggravation of urolithic illness or medical manipulations, as well as the penetration of harmful microorganisms into the urinary tract.

The main symptoms of acute cystitis are frequent urination, but attempts to "go potty" cause a sharp pain, and the urine when it stands out a little, one or two drops. If this discomfort persists, which increases the discomfort. Cystitis in pregnant women requires special treatment, because the spread in urinary tract infection can damage normal course of pregnancy may develop complications that can harm her and the baby.

Treatment of acute cystitis

Treatment is better to start as early as possible. Definitely need to contact your doctor in the antenatal clinic and to describe their complaints: the doctor can prescribe treatment to control the disease dynamics and will be able to respond to emerging complications.

In the beginning of the disease, women are advised bed rest, strict adherence to a salt-free diet, drinking plenty of fluids. Recommended passive heat: you need to wrap the waist, keep warm feet. You can RUB them with an alcohol solution, or pour into socks dry mustard. Welcome decoctions diuretic herbs: chamomile, kidney tea, knotweed. It is especially recommended to drink cranberry and cranberry juice, warm tea with lemon.

In addition, according to the testimony of prescribers-uroseptic and antispasmodics. Doctors are extremely reluctant to go on antibiotics and sulfa drugs in the treatment of cystitis in pregnant women it can cause pathology in fetal development, however, the totality of the evidence and the severity of the disease possible and this method of treatment.

From sexual activity during the treatment of cystitis should be abandoned. The tests for pathogens have to pass and the woman's spouse, in the case that it identifies the deviation in his analysis, he will also have to be treated.

In the second and third trimester of pregnancy the use of antibiotics is allowed, in contrast to the initial stage of pregnancy. If necessary, the doctor will prescribe one of these drugs: "Cefaclor", "Cefuroxime", "Exetel".

As a rule, doctors try to hospitalize a woman with inflammation of the bladder, to treatment carried out under their supervision. Timely begun treatment of uncomplicated acute cystitis in women can be cured in three days without any consequences for the body.

Prevention of urinary tract infections in pregnant women

A woman who is preparing to have a baby, have a very responsible approach to the planning of pregnancy. You need to pre-treat the underlying disease, sanitize the mouth, to be tested for hidden infections. Very important can become a habit in time to empty your bladder to avoid stagnant urine.

Do not forget that acute and chronic cystitis is a serious risk for the pregnant woman and the unborn baby that can complicate the period of pregnancy and childbirth, and cause disease of the newborn.

So try to be more responsible for their health!