The benefits of such a component, you can write a very long time. Briefly review the main points.

Benefits for the skin: folate helps to synthesize keratin, which promotes collagen formation and improves skin texture. Everyone has heard that you need to use sunscreen, even in early spring.

This procedure is needed to prevent premature aging. Excessive protection of skin produces vitamin D. Lack of this vitamin - the rapid aging of the skin. In this case, taking folate that can protect your epidermis from premature aging and already bezbashennye to bask in the sun.

Not to mention the fact that it improves the structure of hair and nails. Folates help in the treatment of cardiovascular disease, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), depression and many other diseases.

Folic acid has beneficial effects on the bone marrow and stimulates the production of vitamin B12. Deficiency of this substance affects people with diseases of the digestive tract, blood, kidneys and liver. Especially liver, because more than half of the folate contained there.

People with high physical activity just need to include in your diet vitamin, because this substance promotes the formation of muscle protein that maintains muscle tone.

How to top up the diet of these vitamins? An adult should consume about 400 micrograms of folate per day. If you take a natural food is: 100 grams of lamb liver, kilo boiled egg yolks 9 cups freshly squeezed orange juice, 50 heads of fresh cauliflower or 800 grams of juicy lettuce.

Agree, to use most of these products in this quantity every day.

But you can easily substitute the diet with vitamins, consult your physician. Because lack of folate in the human body can lead to anemia, digestive problems, fatigue and poor memory, ulcers on the tongue and complications in childbirth.