If you are already a long time meet, maybe living together, and your man and so happy with everything, and he never hesitates to legitimize the relationship, then most likely, he's just a hunter by nature and perceives you as prey, which has already won. In this case, you need to make every effort to prove him wrong. That is, that you are his property that you have other interests and a life.

Think up one or more Hobbies. Try to occupy your time. And so that you enjoyed it. Thus, the time you spend together will be reduced and he will feel the lack of communication with you. Try to be around people and less around. If a man sees that you are interested in other personalities, his interest in you will increase dramatically. Of course, do not openly flirt with other men, if you are unsure of the appropriate reaction of its second half.

In addition, no harm will come together at weddings of friends and relatives. Perhaps the atmosphere of joy and fun it will infect and thoughts your men will start to work in the right direction for you.
If your man isn't Julius Caesar and can not concentrate on several things simultaneously (for example, if he's working on an important project or writing a scientific article), then you just need to wait. It is important not to miss the moment of "break", otherwise to replace one important thing comes another, and again he will not be able to think about marrying you.
If your favorite before you create a family, wants to buy an apartment, car, etc., you should be careful to discuss it with him and explain that when you get married you together would be easier to realize all desires into reality, and it will be so much more interesting.
If a man is afraid to marry because of the change of responsibility and the loss of their precious freedom, you must first push it towards cohabitation or just a regular vacation in a couple of weeks. During this time, try to maintain life, and not to limit his freedom, that is, if he wants to go out with friends to the bath, no need to make scandal. Is it just scare. But if you do it right, your beloved will understand that the changes that will occur in his life after the wedding, is not so terrible.