How to build a house in Minecraft

The choice of making the houses in the game are huge.

You can settle your character into the dugout or even a fabulous castle. Beautiful house in the game Minecraft you can even buy.

In order to make a house in Minecraft, you need to produce a significant amount of resources to build.

To build a very ordinary house, just like in real life, it is necessary to lay the Foundation of durable material. Perfect brick and stone.

After the Foundation you need to build a wall. Materials for construction can also be a variety, including wood. Inside to create comfort to decorate the walls of the house coat.

To make a roof for a house in Minecraft you can use iron or wood, placing the blocks in a pyramid.

Any home must have doors, Windows, stairs for convenient travel.

To make a beautiful house in Minecraft, it is necessary to equip inside. You can arrange living room with fireplace and TV, bedroom with bed for the rest of the character, on the walls you can hang pictures, and add any decorative elements to taste.

How to make a house in Minecraft beautiful

The original decision would be the construction of a house on the lake.

To make a house, need a large number of wooden blocks.

The main thing - to choose the right place. From the Windows open nice view, you need to find a large pond surrounded by greenery, with gently sloping, easy to build on the shore.

Wooden blocks can be used for installation of the Foundation. Despite the fact that the tree is an excellent choice for construction, it is impossible to use the Board, otherwise they can not withstand the load.

To decorate the area around your home, you can install a fence, lit by torches.

Other elements can be exactly the same as when building a conventional home.

Thus, it is possible to make a nice house in Minecraft from practically any material, beautifying it according to your taste as it is done in ordinary life.